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concerned about cat?

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One of my catsl, Spark (7 months old), has had watery eyes for about a week now. Should I be concerned about this? He seems to be otherwise perfectly healthy and happy. He's had all of his immunizations. The last time he saw the vet was a month ago, and she said that he was perfectly healthy. He did not have this problem then.
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Could be an URI and he would need antibiotics if it is. Could be allergies and it would be nice to find out what he was allergic to. Could be the beginning of the cat flu so yes, a vet visit would be a wise thing. Unless he is an extreme-faced persian, they are prone to watery drippy eyes.
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The problem is, they can look fine and be otherwise. I had to take my cat to the vet 3 day's ago because She wasn't her perky self. I just felt like there was something wrong. I even debated with myself weather I should wait another day because she didn't seem that sick. She was still eating, just not a whole lot, and wasn't as active. Well.... Turns out she had a major temp 104.5 and a UTI. I am so glad I didn't wait one more day. So, maybe it's really nothing, but if your not sure, I'd rather the vet tell me it's nothing, than have a problem.
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It's probably a viral or bacterial infection, though it could be caused by something else. Make an appointment with the vet to have it looked at. It's not an urgent medical situation but it should be checked out.
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