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Poor Pidgey :(

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I am soo sad right now I just seen a really pretty gray and white pidgeon get hit, while I was at lunch. That really sucked! I was looking at the bird admiring his pretty coloring, he was walking in the middle of the street, but most birds, when the traffic comes, fly away, pidgey unfortunatly was alittle too brave. I work in downtown St .Louis so the traffic is HEAVY. I am glad he went quickly though. He died amost instantly. Hopefully he did not feel much pain. I just can't believe it happened as I was watching him I am pretty upset about it. Please pray that pidgey arrived safely at RB and is now flying freely.

RIP poor little pidgey. Pretty bird
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Awww..that's so terrible!. What a horrible thing to have to see. I'm sure he/she went quickly.
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RIP, little pidgeon. May you soar in blue skies with no more city streets.
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oh poor pidgy,may he rest in peace,

his beauty will be remembered by you chicismom,at least someone in his life took notice of him and of his beauty,so his life was not in vain.
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