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no energy after vet visit?

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I took Micky in yesterday morning for a routine check up, where she was given a rabies shot and a urinalysis (she has been struggling with UTIs for the past several months). I've noticed that in the day and a half or so since we've been home, she barely moves. My otherwise playful, rambunctious cat just laid on my bed for a good eighteen hours straight, then when I went to bed, she left and sat under my computer desk. She barely moves at all now.

Could she be sore from the rabies shot, or is she just teed off that I took her to a vet where her bladder was prodded? She just seems to not feel very well, and I'd rather ask you folks first before I call the vet's office. Thanks!
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I brought Abby to the vet for rabies and distemper vaccines last week. She was definitely sluggish for a few days afterward. Did your cat also get a distemper vaccine? I know it can cause that, but I am not sure about the rabies.
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It could be a vaccine reaction, I'd call them so they can see her again soon.
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Immunizations make Meowser sluggish and tired. He's usually back up and running after a couple days.
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Susie, that photo and caption are adorable. Yes, it's most likely a reaction. For 11 years I had my beloved SiSi, who looked like Micky, by my side. SHe was spunky and sharp and playful ALL the time. After her shots, she's withdraw for about 2 days. Call them again, that's what they are there for, and give them an update in the morning. --and then update us here, of course.
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They often have flu-like symptoms (low grade fever and lethargy) for a day or two after a vaccine. If it gets worse or if she isn't back to her normal self by about 48 hours after the shot, she needs to go to the vet.
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The vet at our clinic always says after vaccines your pet may be a bit tired. Sometimes they can run a mild fever too. Her behavior is fairly normal for having had a vaccine.
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Our vet said specifically to expect tiredness after the rabies shot. Zissou was tired for a while and then was back to her five mo old kitten self by bedtime. If she still looks sad and tired, though, I'd say to call your vet again! Can't be too careful!
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