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Bullit at 16 months

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Bullit is 15lbs. He is a big boy

Gimme that camera

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what a handsome boy!
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Wow....Bullit is a handsome cat.
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I'm in love!
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What a beautiful big boy!
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He doesn't look too impressed!!

But what a gorgeous face!
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Wow! I think Bullit's the biggest bengal boy I know of. Safari is only about 10 pounds!
SUCH a beautiful boy!!!!!
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Bullit is gorgeous!

Look at those claws!
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he is such a beauty!!!!!
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I too am in love. He is truly gorgeous!
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Ohhh I that last picture . He is a gorgeous cat! His fur is so shiny and soft and like a leopard or something, it almost looks like satin...and of course, to top it all off, a darling little face, just look at him!!
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Sooo CUTE!!! My Boomer's a big boy two! He's about 16-18 lbs!
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Awwwww too cute!!! I wonder if my bengal baby will get big, his dad is 21 lbs
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Bullit is beautiful. He's a lot bigger than my Simba. Simba is a very small male Bengal.
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