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Thunderbird Alert!

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Thunderbird has just upgraded to V1.5. MAKE SURE that you read the install/release notes before upgrading to this version. Apparently they want you to un-install previous versions before installing this one (at least if it's going in the same place I guess.) I didn't and now I'm having problems since I blythely installed over the older V1.0.7 (like I would have assumed would be normal .) It's been a long time since I can recall being requested to uninstall a previous version of something before doing an upgrade. Silly me thinking this would be the same, ahahaha .Hopefully a point upgrade patch will take care of my problems, or I'll do some other workarounds, but better not to have to deal with them to begin with.
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hmmmi upgraded and didnt uninstall my previous version-- i havent had any problems. I hope you get it fixed. Have you thought about uninstalling it and then reinstalling it again?

Good Luck! I LOVE my Mozilla
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