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I want to go back to my High School Days and go to Farrell's Ice Cream Parlour and order a Zoo to share with my friends! A Zoo is huge concoction bananna split, hot fudge sundae and man was it good. The sounded this huge alarm and ran this huge bowl of goo to your table on a stretcher held on their shoulders.

That and Thrifty Drug Store where you could get the best ice cream cone in town for a nickel for one scoop and dime for 2 and a quarter for three!
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Are you kidding, Sunlion? My mother was from Glasgow and made soda scones in her black cast-iron skillet. I teethed on scones and raspberry jam. I haven't tried the coconut and almond flavoring, though, but I'll bet it's good. I wish I had asked my mother for her recipe, but.. Well, I got one from the Carnegie Library, which I tried out for a high tea I held for my daughters and daughter-in-law. It was explained to me that our concept of high tea is inaccurate, but you know what I mean. We used Mom's Blue Willow china, and had finger sandwiches, scones, strawberries and cream, jams, homemade English toffee, fancy cakes (I bought those-they were too complicated for me to make..well, to make that beautiful, anyway), homemade cookies, and fancy teas with lemon, real cream, and sugar cubes. I had flowers (just a supermarket bunch) on the table. I did not tell the girls why they were coming, but I told them they must dress in their Sunday best and wear jewelry, or they would not be admitted. I said we would be honoring someone. At each place I put a card made of home-made paper with mulberry blossoms imbedded, and an angel pin inside. They had all helped me through an illness, and I told them they were my three angels, and that the tea was in their honor. Each message was different and personalized. There were a lot of teary eyes, and none of us could speak for a little while. Then, we pigged out!! OOOPs! Jeanie, you're of British heritage, you know!!!!Control yourself. I meant to say we all did partake of the treats, and thoroughly enjoyed our "high tea." It's a great way to make use of your best china and fancy teas.
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OOOPs! I forgot to tell you we had Scottish shortbread, made with my mother's recipe! Yum.
Hissy, at King's here in western PA, there is a huge concoction called a King's Castle, with about 10 scoops of ice cream which sounds like your treat. If you finish it, you get a pin with a castle on it. My son, a 6'4" teenager at the time, is the only member of the family who earned that pin!
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That was a great story Jeanie. I guess I'll forgive you for maligning PopTarts . Next, you'll be telling me that I shouldn't eat Frosted Flakes. BTW, some of the kiddie cereals are better for you than the 'healty' cereals. Have you ever checked out the fat and sodium in some of those cereals ?

Cream tea. Yum. I have been craving some nice tea, scones and clotted cream for months now. I'm not sure what brought it on. I've never tried 'Afternoon Tea' anywhere in the States because I thought I'd be disappointed...and I can't justify spending oodles of money for it here. I have seen a few recipes for something similar to clotted cream but I' haven't tried that either.

Great - now I feel the need for a snack :icecream: .
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What is clotted cream?
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Clotted cream is the yummy, 'clogs your arteries as you eat it' spreadable cream that you usually put on scones with jam. It's also called Devon Cream, Devonshire Cream, Cornwall Cream. We could get into the European Union Laws about what cream can have a certain name(like when is Champagne Champagne and when is it sparkling wine) but it's all clotted cream to me .
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It was expensive for me, but those girls deserved that and more. They cleaned my house, took care of me, helped me wrap Christmas gifts, while their own work waited for them at home. Of course, the more "sweets" you make yourself, the less expensive it is, but it cost as much as Thanksgiving dinner for the family did. Mom never gave me a recipe for clotted cream. Sorry. Do you have a good recipe for steak and kidney pie? I had it at a Bobby Burns dinner, but it just had a "wee bit" of kidney in it, and I was disappointed.

Nah, I don't like Frosted Flakes. I do like honey nut Cheerios. I think I'm a brown sugar person and you're a white sugar person. I'm a Heath bar lover. MMMMmmmm, butter, almonds, melted sugar.
I'll bet that's what candy is like in heaven!
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Oh, Vikki, I was cheated! My father was from Devonshire, and I don't have the recipe! I will e-mail my cousins near Exeter and see if they can tell me how to make it. Maybe Bodlover can help us. She visits Devon and Cornwall a lot. RHEEEEEAAAAAAA!!!!!! I have to yell loudly because she's so far away! RHEEEEEAAAAA!!!!!
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Boy, you guys are getting all cultured on us! We never had any of those hoity-toity delectibles around - just the basic cake, cookies, ice cream type stuff. Mom wasn't that good of a cook (she was the first one to say it!) so many times the treat we had was graham cracker/chocolate icing sandwiches!

I am about 99% sure that there is no nutritional value in these, but I was really excited to see that they have Marshmallow Fruit Loops back! Sugar overload! :tounge2:
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Does some brave person want to start a new thread about food (delectables) ? But, if Debra doesn't mind a thead with her name in it always being bumped to the top, I don't mind .

Cultured? Hee hee. We never had that kind of stuff at home. Although, both of my parents are much better cooks than I am. I do like to bake but I'm a recipe sort of person. Most of my experience with non-States kind of food comes from traveling and from going to restaurants with 'ethnic' menus.

I don't think I have the stomach to make real clotted cream - it involves letting milk (straight from the cow) sit out for hours. Some of the recipe for the mock stuff uses heavy cream or cream cheese. You'd be surprised what a search engine can find on the internet. I've seen clotted cream for sale in little jars but I can't bring myself to buy it.
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I've never had clotted cream. Is it sweet at all? Is it like unsalted butter or maybe unflavored yogurt? Or is it more liquid-y like condensed milk?
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Hmm...the clotted cream that I've had is sweet (not overly so) and about the consistency of softened cream cheese or butter.
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I don't think I'll attempt clotted cream, but...My mother never had a tea for anyone. My dad was a steak and potatoes man; however, she made some of those goodies on a regular basis. I didn't know other people's mothers didn't make scones; they're simple. I had to do research over the phone to get ideas. I had only attended an afternoon tea at a hotel once, and thought it would be a fun thing to do. It was! Especially if the people you invite don't know what you're up to.
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It does sound like a lot of fun! My mom always said that she wanted to take my sister and I for tea at The Brown Palace (5-Star hotel and eatery here in Denver. It's where President Clinton stayed when they had their big summit meeting here a few years ago). Unfortunately, our schedules never meshed and then mom got sick... Well, the thought was there.

It's funny because my mom just really could not cook! She burned every batch of cookies she ever made. My sister and I somehow ended up being pretty good cooks. Mom was really happy because that meant she could turn the cooking duties over to us! :tounge2:
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You learned to cook in self-defense!

Actually, my daughter is probably going to be the same. She thinks everything I cook is too spicy.
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Hahaa you guys are sooooo baaad!!! Don't get me thinking about CLOTTED CREAM!!! Oh no!! Its too late!! hahaha...
I have no idea how you actually make it from scratch.... but I buy it from Cornwall whenever we go, it comes in little plastic tubs and looks kinda gross and yellowy when you first open it - you have to stir it up really good with a fork and it doubles in thickness and you end up with about 3 times as much as you did to start!!! Its is sweet, but not very really, - thats why it goes soooo well with scones and jam.... I would like to eat it every day... but its soooooo fattening!!! :LOL: Ah well.... bring it on!! :LOL:
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Oh, dear, Rhea! Shame on you! I was trying to forget clotted cream , but now you have my mouth watering. If you sent some packed in dry ice, I'll send you some chipped ham packed in dry ice.! Why did you do this to me? I so love creamy things....I could drink straight whipping cream, and my mother used to give me condensed milk by the tablespoonsful. MMMM-scone, raspberry jam, and clotted cream, and.....
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You guys are killing me! When I went to the candy machine at work today to get some granola (yeah! RIGHT) ) I was standing there laughing my aster off thinking of you all - there was a new supply of individual pop-tarts staring at me! It was too hard to explain to everyone - so I left them wondering...........
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1) What flavor are they?


2) Did you buy one?
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Frosted strawberry....and NO I didn't - well Ok maybe......well kinda..........OK YES I DID!
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OOooooo Deb!! How could you!??!?!? And you didn't give me a bite?!?!?!? Oooooooo soooo CRUEL!!!!
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Do you realize that we have become food voyeurs? I think it best that we not talk this way in front of strangers!
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I could really go for that "between the sheets cake" right about now. I'm STARVING!! I think that hubby would kill me if I ever made that since hes trying to loose weight. Oh well.
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