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I just had to come on and say........ I HATE COFFEE!

I want a big glass of milk!!!!
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Shhh!!!!! I like milk better too, but Krazy Kat2 is bringing the donuts!
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Okay but I'll bring some milk for us

Maybe I should bring some coffe danish to make amends :tounge2:
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Thanks to you people my stomach is now growling!!! I had two Eggo waffles and a cup of coffee. And a banana. Now I will go to work and get me a donut or a poptart! Yes, they sell them in singles!
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Uhm, err...don't tell Jeanie G but I just had two Poptarts and a BIG glass of milk.

I think I'll still have some room for Stickies and coffee later though :laughing: .
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Now you see, Vikki? Confession is good for the soul! Actually it's not the poptarts; it's that awful sticky, white, gooey sugar water on the frosted ones....that...drive me insane!!OK--- OK--- I'm in control again. I'm just trying to help you develop gourmet tastes in treats. The grilled stickies show that you're learning. (Remember, I don't drink coffee anymore; I drink milk, but I don't want to insult the person bringing the donuts. She lives across from the Donut shop! Talk about prime real estate!) Does anyone happen to bake Pecan Pie? No rush. Tomorrow morning will be fine.
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HOW does anyone exist without coffee? I like mine the same way I like my men: hot and sweet!
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It's true!

Between coffee and coke, I have a caffeine addiction you could drive a truck through.

All those smokers trying to quit, at least they get gum and a patch. When are they going to invent the caffeine patch?
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Krispy Kremes!!!! I love them to death, but I hardly ever get them because they are so fattening and hubby is trying to loose weight. Oh well...maybe I'll get one sneakily when hes not with me.
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I'm inventing caffeinated beer so that I can get all of my addictions at once. See, I can have caffeine and nicotine, or alcohol and nicotine, but without drinking hard liquor (which I don't) such as a Capt and Coke, I can't get all three currently. My solution, caffeinated beer. :tounge2:
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I am a recovering coffeeholic. I formerly had a never-empty cup habit. Once in a while I have a relapse; then I drink it black with sugar or cafe au lait. There IS a patch for caffeine addicts. I used it; it's called perked Sanka. I never knew the difference, even though I thought it would be the end of the world as I knew it. Now, I'm on an decaf iced tea kick with loads of lemon. But...with donuts, milk just tastes better.
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It's true, some things just need milk. I feel that way about chocolate cake.
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Gotta have milk with oreos.
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EEEEEEEEK!!!! This thread just caused me to gain at least 20 pounds!!
There's sooooo much food here!!! What a shame Debra isn't here to enjoy any of it.
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If we were going to move the party to a restaurant, we could go to Friendly's. They have really good ice cream desserts. It's the first place I ever had a brownie with vanilla ice cream and hot fudge sauce, totally inundated with real whipped cream, and, of course, a maraschino cherry. I don't like cherries, so someone could have mine. If we wanted to have a sandwich first, we could, because we'd be waiting for Debra, and would have loads of time. It's been so many years since I was at Friendly's that I forget what they called that dessert...Hey, Debra, do you live close to a Friendly's??
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Debra, We've been waiting for you. Bodlover started this post. We've been eating fattening foods and drinking coffee, tea, and milk while we waited for you. Now, 5 pounds later for all of us, you'd better answer! Have a donut!
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Friendly's - Dunkin-donuts - Little Debbie Snack cakes and icecream and lots and lots of coffee and oreos, and more and more and more snacks and goodies and ..........of course:

Seriously though - thatnk you everyone for looking for me! I missed you all and wondered how everyone was doing. Have had a rough patch for the last couple of weeks - but are doing better now!
Now all together...........repeat after me.............POP-TARTS RULE....HEALTHY SNACKS DROOL!!!!
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Yaaaaaay!!!! We got the Debster back!!!

We did save you a few pop tarts....errr, one anyway.
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I come and read this thread for my sugar high! You guys should be ashamed of yourself, after I read this thread, I went in and made a Boston Creme Pie! That's a lot of work! LOL Anyone want a piece?

Debra so nice to have you back with us. YOU have been missed!
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I do! I do! I want a piece!!! That sounds delicious!!!!
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Wow, homemade Boston Creme Pie, I'm in!

You must be a talented cook, to do something like that.

Now don't go telling me it was easy or such, I suck at baking and barely cook well enough to eat, so it wouldn't be easy for me. Just bask in the admiration!
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It is the toughest pie to bake because it is a cake really and unless you have the right tools, don't even attempt it, but my oh my it is soo good!
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Mmmmm Mmmm Gimme some that pie Hissy!!!! NOW!!! I haven't had my Poptart fix yet thismorning and if I don't get soething sweet and stodgey I may get violent!! :LOL:

YEEEEEEEEEY!!!!! DEBRA'S BAAAAAAACK!!!!!! Now listen here lady, don't you EVER do that to me again!!!!! OR ELSE!!! Missed ya Loon!!
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Hey, if Debra is busy I can always supply the Poptarts. What kinds do you want. There is cherry,chocolate and marshmellows, cinnamon and apple, and blueberry. All have frosting on them.
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Nena-I would like some chocolate and marshmallow pop tarts PLEASE!!!!
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Hissy- can you send me a piece of that pie you've made.
Spooky- the poptart is on the way, all toasted and warm.

I only had a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast so I am very hunry.
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I haven't had breakfast yet, so send some poptarts my way!

But I like the blueberry and the strawberry frosted ones! Oh, and the cinnamon ones, yum!!

I've already had my coffee fix today, so now I need some sugar!

(Where's Fredlet, my sweet SUGARpud? Freddy, oh Fre-e-e-ddy-y-y, time for lovin's)
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Nena--Estas un nina mala!!!! See what you did to Sunlion with your sugar water frosting? She's gone off the deep end. Lie down, Sunlion; you'll be all right. Have a nice glass of milk and a pecan roll. Nina, azucar blanco? No mas!!
( Nena's a bad girl. No more white sugar icing!)
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But Pillsbury Toaster Strudel is soooooooooo much better than Poptarts! (Did I say that?) LOL
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What I really want, is a heart-shaped coconut-almond scone split and filled with raspberry jam. Which sounds odd, but is delicious, and the only place I've ever gotten it was at the Capitola Book Cafe, outside of Santa Cruz, CA. If I had a credit card, I'd call them and have them overnight a few to me . . .
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