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Can I have a lemon filled jelly donut, pleeeeaaaaase?!?!?!?!?!
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Ooops sorry about that... musta had one malibu too many... hee hee *hic*
Now... just waiting for the guest of honor... DEEEBRRAAAA!!!! (and of course YOU Jeanie, seeing as this IS your party now... hahah)
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Just to put my 2 cents in...I like the chocolate and the brown sugar pop tarts myself. Especially with the frosting! Yup - pure sugar - nothing like it!!
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Talking of pure sugar, have you ever made Peppermint Creams?!?! all you do is use about a whole box of icing suger, mix in a little water to get it all nice and gooey, add some peppermint essence and green colouring.... and leave to set in the freezer for a while!! MMMmmmmMmmmm then you take them out, and scoff the lot!! they just melt in your mouth
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I LOVE the s'mores poptarts! I don't think that I've ever had the chocolate ones...I'll have to buy some the next time I'm at the grocery store.
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anybody got any krispy kremes!?!?!!?
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Or what about some kolaches, yummy!!!!!
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Wow, a sugar party so early in the morning!

[shakes head in disbelief and mild envy because she must have a protein food first thing in the morning]

Let me finish my eggs and coffee here and I'll find the Krispy Kremes. I know there's some around here somewhere!

I know it's un-American but I can't stand those things, you can have all mine! I like a cake-y donut better than those cousins of a beignet. I know I'm sick, I don't like too much frosting either!
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Hey!! Who cares WHAT they are!! If they look good, and have some kind of sugarcoating/topping/cream... I Like them!! Hmmm now where did those French Fancy's get to...????
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Mmmmmmmm Krispy Kremes....*drool*

We just got a Krispy Kremes out here last year. One benefit of working at my office, one of the vendors brings in either bagels or Krispy Kremes every week on Tuesday.

Sunlion - usually I agree with you about the cake donuts, but I make an exception for Krispy Kremes. Especially when they are still warm right out of the store.....mmmmmmm. 'Scuse me while I wipe my chin...
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Finally, got Krispy Kremes, here: food of the gods! Bill's never had them - I'm going to get some for our weekend.
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Well, if you're done with the poptarts . . .
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I just introduced the S/O to cinnabon in the last year. He's a donut/sweet nut and had never heard of them! It was fun watching him eat one for the first time. He couldn't believe how great they are.
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Wow! I want in on this party!!!!! Debra doesn't know what she's missing!!!! Donuts and poptarts everywhere!!! WOOOHOOOO!!!

Congrats Jeanie!!!!
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I couildn't read about Poptarts and not join in. I currently have some frosted (yes,a must ) strawberry ones in my cupboard. And, I must have them toasted well. I just can't eat 'em untoasted. To me, it's kind of like eating an untoasted english muffin - it tastes undone.
Hmm...now seems like a good time for an after dinner snack .
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Its a wonder we all don't weigh 500 pounds: PopTarts, Krispy Kremes and Cinnabons. Whew! Of course, I'm still working on the 2 1/2 doz. Cadbury Chocolate Creme Eggs, that I bought at the after-Easter sale, as well as the two bunnies, from Bill. I have to make this last until Mothers' Day.
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Thank you all for coming to the party. I was just trying to find Debra, but I truly appreciate everything. However, for you poor, misled sugar water icing eaters, I have two words: GRILLED STICKIES

MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!! :angel2: Heaven on earth!!!
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What the heck is that?
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I see the Eat 'n Park-ness has come out in you Jeanie. If your location wasn't listed as "Near Pgh", I still would've known you had some connection to that area . Having lived around there, some things still ring a Western Pennsyltucky (my affectionate name for the area ) bell.
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Check out the link below.

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Sounds like the appropriate name!

I'd rather have the sauce in a cup for dipping, though . . .
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Those look really good Jeanie! There's a place up in Ft. Collins where I grew up that has cinnamon rolls that fill a whole dinner plate. Tons of frosting on the top, too. Those were so good!
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Oh, Heidi, They are delicious; however they are a brown sugar, cinnamon, butter, type treat, not the white sugar icing type, like breakfast rolls. I'm trying to reform all of you for your own sakes. I think you'll just have to go to Eat 'n Park and try them for yourselves. Yum! (grumble, mumble.... Try to explain and what good does it do...that Bodlover and her frosted poptarts...grumble....) If you like pecan rolls without pecans, you'll love stickies! Eat 'n Park is similar to Friendly's in New England, a family restaurant with reasonable prices. Elby's is similar, also.
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Ooh, nuts! Now if they sprinkled walnuts on those, that would would be amazing!

And Friendly's! I've been craving a vanilla Fribble for literally years! (haven't been back home in that long)
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Okay, I am in. I am supposed to be on a diet, but with all of you talking about donuts, poptarts, etc, I couldn't resist. Since no one else mention it, you can't have these kinds of food without a pot of fresh, hot coffee, now could we? So, I will bring the coffee. I will bring 7-11 flavors. There is regular and mountain roast which are freshly ground and brewed. Then there is french roast, decaf, french vanilla, and Irish creme. Any other suggestions I will try to do.
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Well, I'll have a black decaf or cafe au lait while I'm waiting, but please don't mention poptarts again. It does make me grumble, and I'm trying to be nice. (See what you're doing, Rhea? If we're going to ruin our teeth, let's do it with something good--like pecan rolls and grilled stickies!) Are we all going to stay here until Debra shows up? I think that's a good idea. Whose bringing donuts tomorrow?
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As long as we keep responding, this baby will keep being pushed to the top...and maybe Debra will see it .
I'll bring donuts but they have to be the mini white powdered ones. Ok, I guess I can bring an assortment so that others have a choice .
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I can see Dunkin Donuts from my front porch. OH, NO! I can feel my jeans getting tighter already. Their Bavarian Creme filled donuts are the best!
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I want a bagel now. With a bunch of cream cheese and just a little gravlox.

Nice cup of coffee there, Alicia. I usually get a mocha, but just black with a spoon of sugar to take the edge off the bitterness is better with food.
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UUUUMMM! COFFEE!! That is a food group at my house.
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