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Debraaaa Myyyyyers!!! Come out Come out!!!

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Debra!! Where are you?!?!?!? I need PopTarts!!! Does ANYONE know her whereabouts?!?!? Should we be worried?!?!? I haven't seen her for a while!!! DEEEEEEEEEEEBBBBBRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!
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Debra Myers is a member here who usually posts alot - and a friend of mine, but she hasn't been on this site for a while and I was just wondering where she's got to!! Thats all!!
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:LOL: ahhhh welll...... thats between me and her... hahaha!!! :LOL:
It'll sound too dumb if I try to explain!! hahah :LOL:
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Some frosted brown sugar cinnamon pop tarts sound really good right about now. Darn it Rhea did you have to mention pop tarts!
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Rhea-can I have some poptarts too when you find Debra?????? Thanks! Yumm yummmmm. You can send about 5 boxes my way please.
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Gee's sorry guys!! :LOL: We'll have to hunt her down and steal the whole lot!!! I'll go this way, Sabra you go that way, and Sarah, you go the other!!! We WILL find the POPTARTS!! Oh yeah... and Deb... :LOL:!!
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Would you update me on the whereabouts of the cat books??????
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Definitely count me in! I'm on the prowl for the poptarts lady.
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Hmmm it would seem Ms Myers has alot to hide.... PopTarts... the Cat Books..... maybe she's done a bunk!??!!?
Right... whos got the compass and supplies?!?! Sarah?? Sabra?!?! :LOL:
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Hey, do either of you eat them in a "unique" way. I like to eat the outer crust first and then the frosted covering part. I have to have frosted poptarts, none of those unfrosted ones for me!
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Okay, but we have to remember to be gentle when we catch her. We can't have the poptarts getting crushed! Oh, I think I smell something coming from Deb's toaster!
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HAHA!! Sabra!! I do the EXACT same thing!! Whats the point of having a PopTart if there is no frosing on it?!?! :LOL: and of course that bit has to be left till last.... MmmMmm

NOOOOOOOO!!! Quick!! RUUUN!! she's already toasting them!! Must get to them before they get cold!!!!
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I'm right begind you Rhea! Run faster! I don't really like the crust, so I usually break it in half, then eat all the insides and throw out the crust. I could never eat a poptart without frosting. Thats the best part.
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Explain "done a bunk?" Thank you!
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I want chocolate fudge frosted PopTarts!
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Yuck! That's not frosting; that's sugar water. I cannot believe my best friend from across the pond eats sugar water on her poptarts. Just for that I will keep my mother's short bread recipe to myself! It's the best, too! Rhea! With taste like that, how do you expect to decorate people's homes? I'm reconsidering the commission I gave you after you graduate. You might want to recant the frosting statement. I'm worried about Debra too. She does have some health problems. I remember her telling us that when we discussed the nicotine patch.
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Debra has taken her poptarts and her litter of brand new kittens and run away!
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Now you have me curious, too. I hope her computer isn't acting up again. Deb where are you??????
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This thread has you confused doesn't it?
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Hahaha... Hissy.... "done a bunk" simply means "she's ran off with the goods"!!! hahaha... like if someone robs a bank, they grab the money and "do a bunk" leaving their cohorts "moneyless" -taking it all for themselves!!! HAhahaa Just in this case... its not money, but POPTARTS!!!!
Jeanie..... Im sorry.... what can I say.... its my weakness!!! Im an addict!! Why don't they have "Pop patches" like Nicotene Patches!!?!?!? Thats discrimination!!!! :LOL: Honestly though, I keep it well under control when Im designing rooms... I promise!!
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We--ll, I'll reconsider if you can find Debra Myers.
(Icing?grumble, mumble, more like pure junky sugar-mumble-not nourishing like filled donuts--some people's kids, grumble, mumble)
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:pinky: :laughing: :baloon:
Hey!!! I'm an ALPHA CAT!
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WOOOHOOOOO Jeanie!!!! Thats great!! But you know what it means?!?!?! THAT YOU TALK TOO MUCH!!!!!! hahahaa :LOL: :LOL: (coming from someone who has almost 2000 posts..... ahem..)
Anyhoooo, sounds like a good excuse for a party to me!! :chicken: :pinky: :afrorainb :blubturq: :girly1: :bubbly:
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Ahhhh, shucks. I'm touched.. A party! How did you pull this off without me finding out???? I hope you don't think I was hinting.....
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Woo Hoo!!! Move over Rhea! I'm comin' to join the PARTAAAAAAY!!! Congrats Jeanie on taking the next step in your life and becoming an Alpha Cat.
:pinky: :flash: :laughing: :blubturq: :baloon: :baloon: :bubbly: :flower:
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Hey Sarah!! Get yer sticky little mits off my cocktail weiner!!! Get yer own!! hahaha :LOL: :LOL: Ahh... Im sorry... come and have a drink with me.. (None for Jeanie, though, I heard she gets a little with alcohol!! )
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Hey, Bodlover, we American John Bulls can handle our tea as well as the rest of you! Thanks for coming, Sarah. Have some punch and DONUTS. I guess Rhea wants a wee dock and dorie, as my mother would have said. (That's what Scottish people say for alcoholic beverages.)
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Hey, Rhea, Wheeere are yoooooooou? I'm feeling a liiiiitle bit dizzy. What kind of tea iiiiiis thiiiiiis, anyhowwwwww? wooooooooozeeeeee!
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Hey! I'll come and join you two in a drink, but mine will have to be non-alcoholic, since I don't drink. (Straight-Edge) sXe. Ohhhhh....Donuts I will have one vanilla cream-filled, one strawberry jelly-filled and one french crueler. I'll bring the CAKE !!!
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Wow! A party this early in morning - what a way to start the day!!

Congrats on Alpha Cat Jeanie! :eye&mouth :icecream: :pinky: :laughing2 :disturbed :blubturq: :baloon:
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