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Do you tip your dog groomer?

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And if so, how much? We're bringing Maxie in for her first professional grooming and I have no idea if you're supposed to tip them or not. She's such a drama queen, I just know that the groomer's going to have her hands full.

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Yes, and pretty well too. But we have an english setter (see my siggy) and her hair gets too long and from playing with Willy she gets matts that have to be taken care of. I say it depends on what you are having done, and how good the groomer is Our groomer is great, and I know she undercharges us-because all the work she does on Lucy, she only charges us from 15-25 bucks. When its like around 15 we usually give her about $5 , about 7 or 8 when Lucy is really messy.
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I dont because she is the owner. If she wanted more for her services I figure that she would raise her prices. If she was a worker for a grooming shop, I would tip.
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No, but I really should, I mean, after dealing with all of that hair after all. She deserves a really BIG tip. In fact I think I'll tip her big time next time Kellie's groomed!*

*I AM the dog groomer, ahahaha
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One of my daughters is a groomer. She takes pride in her training & work.
A professional groomer has skill & knowledge. Along with helping your dogs look great, a good groomer can be an early warning system about your dogs health.
Along with a sincere thank you, a tip is in order, just like with your hair stylist.
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We tip our cat groomer $5 - $10 each time
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I would say if they are working from their own home or own business I would not. If they are working for someone or someplace then I would. My groomer is out of her own home and I do not tip her. I pay $30.
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Although Neely has not had to go to the groomer YET, we do take our dog and used to take Neeko when he was still alive. Instead of tipping each time I give a very generous gift at Christmas.
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I did when it was a worker in a shop but now Gigi goes to a lady who owns tha shop I dont unless she did extra work over the norm..
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