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It's coming up quick!

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I am so excited
As some of you know I am going to school for nursing and have been working on my prerequisites for the nursing program. I have been going about it slowly because I love my current job and am not in a hurry to leave. Up until this morning I thought my schedule would have me starting the RN program in January of 2007, so I thought I had another year.

I really pushed myself to take 3 classes this semester so I had an easy fall term before nursing school started in January. I am taking A&P II, Chemistry, and Nutrition now. I was going to take the summer off and take my last required class, Microbiology in the fall term.

WELL, I was just looking at the program requirerments and realized I will be able to apply to the program at the end of this term. The application deadline is June 1st for an AUGUST start! I just have to be enrolled in Micro to apply, not completed.

SO, I will be taking Micro summer term instead and if all goes well will be starting the RN program in August, 5 months earlier than I first thought. Of course this means more work this semester. Along with my courseload and working full time I have to squeeze in the first aid/ CPR course and I have to begin studying for and take the entrance test. Wow! SO much to do and only until June to finish. Better get started

Just thought I would share my excitement with you guys.
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This is so exciting!

Keep us updated... and keep up the good work!
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That is so exciting!!!!!
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That is wonderful news for you. Congratulations!
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by the way... how long does a nursing degree take? will you be studying full time? will you still be working while studying?

I think you're very brave to be working full time and studying as well right now. I study full time but I don't work and I still find it hard at times!
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Tanya thats excellent news And i know you can do it!.
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Congratulations, from one nurse to another!

What kind of program is it? (Diploma, Associates Degree or BSN)? I'm a diploma grad.
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