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Prayers for Puss

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My beautiful nearly 17 year old male cat Puss is showing the first signs of symptomatic FIV. He's been FIV+ for about 10 years but has been asymptomatic until recently. A visit to the Vets today showed that he had some nasal irritation (he's had some sneezing bouts lately) and more ominously a small patch of dermatitis which apparently can be one of the heralds of symptomatic FIV. He is on a course of antibiotics and a natural supplement to try and boost his immune system but I am coming to terms with the fact that this may be the beginning of the end for my precious baby boy. I am devestated

Please send Puss your prayers (in whatever manner your particular beliefs perscribe) and positive thoughts that he remains as healthy and happy as possible for the remaining time he is with me
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I will keep Puss in my thoughts and prayers.
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Oh no!!! I'm so sorry

Sending Puss (((((healthy vibes))))), and i hope the antibiotics and supplements kick into his system quickly
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I am sorry your cat is sick. God bless you both and give you many more days of happiness together.
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Thank you so much all

Here's a picture of my baby boy ...taken with a camera phone, I have some proper ones I will put up soon as I get them developed.

My Special Baby Boy Puss (photo taken about 3 months ago)

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Awwwww he is a special boy as well and hardly looks a day over 4 years old!, bless his little heart

Keep us updated though.
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I am very sorry to hear that. You and your precious baby Puss are in my thoughts and prayers. I hope you can find some treatment that will help him.
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Aaah sorry to hear about Puss, I hope you get some more precious time with him and you are right he does like my step-mums parents cat Tigger! What a handsome boy
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Prayer's for Puss. Prayer's for the mama too! It's so heard to deal with our babies getting older and facing this time in their life. You might be able to add a little more time to Puss's life. Have you ever heard of transfer factor? If not, type into a search engine "transfer factor for pets". It's an incredible immune support product.
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Oh my goodness... you and Puss will be in my thoughts.
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Awww are deeply loved.
My prayers are with you and your loving family.
Originally Posted by WillowBrook

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Good health vibes and prayers for Puss! May you and he have lots more healthy, happy times together!
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Puss is in my thoughts and prayers!
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Puss and your family will be in my prayers. Sending lots of healing thoughts your way.
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prayers going up for puss.
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Thank you all Puss is showing some signs of brightening up but I still have to keep an eye on the small rash on his neck and any other symptoms that may arrise. As well as the antibiotic paste, he's also been given Transfer Factor Plus, which I think is going to be very good for him

Here are some more photos....he's not looking his best in these shots though, bit down in the dumps, these are pre Vet visit

(his eyes aren't blue it's just from the camera flash)

(he's not too happy about the heat (it's summer here)

I'm trying to remain as positive as I can and give him extra love and attention (not that he's not babied and spoiled already)
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Poor boy. I hope he is better soon.
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Awwww look at him, bless his little cotton socks

I'm pleased Puss is feeling a bit better, and i've heard good things about that Transfer Factor that he's on
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Prayers for you and healthy vibes for Puss. What a cutie! Hope the new medicine helps.

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Oh what a sweet old man!!

I hope you have lots of quality time left together

All the best
post #21 of 24 are love itself.
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sending hugs and prayers for the beautiful kitty
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Thank you so much for all your kind words and thoughts Puss is continuining to look better, the rash area is healing nicely, his sneeze and nose irritation has gone and he is looking generally brighter The transfer factor seems to be doing him some good
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Wow - he is lovely. Fingers crossed for him
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