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Advice for Indoor/Outdoor to Indoor Only?

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hey folks... hmmm.. I'm really at a loss here. I've recently moved house and Theo can't go out at the new flat like he could at our old place. He had a cat flap and happily took himself in and out as he pleased. Anyways, we've moved (i didn't choose to move to this flat, the tenancy was up on the other one and i had to take the first thing available in the end after months of searching). He can't go out as there is the main road at the end of the pathway, and i am terrified that he would get hit by a car within seconds. So, we've been in a couple of weeks now and I've been making him chase the laser thing for a couple of hours a night to tire him out, but for the first time last night he tried to escape through the kitchen window. He has loads of toys, and loads of treats and is spoilt rotten because i am worried about him. He has been settling at night well, but now gets up and wanders from window to window in the flat.

The other bizarre thing is that he has started to try and 'bury' his food.. he takes a couple of bites and then scrapes around the bowl as if he is covering his poo. This goes on for about a minute and then he takes another couple of bites and scrapes again... his litter is changed daily so it can't be that thats bothering him.. do you think its the pyschological effect of the move? I don't know what to do to be honest, we're going back to where we used to live (my ex used to live opposite me there and we shared custody of Theo - Theos decision, not ours!!) this weekend so he can stay with Rick for the night and have a run around outside. Lawdy i'm worried that i may have really upset him!
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I wonder if he isn't used to Rick's food at night, and is telling you he'd rather have that? Can you get some for him?
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No i don't think its that. Rick has never fed him, I'm the disciplinarian between us and i feed and scoop. the only food stuff Rick has given him was kebab meat about 6 months ago and it made Theo ill, so he's a little mistrusting of Ricks larder!!
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my cats also do the scraping thing with their food. They're supposed to be burying it so they can hide it and eat it later. As for the outside thing, can you get a leash and harness and start taking your cat on walks?
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Perhaps you should give up shared custody and return Theo to Rick so he can have the stability he is used to back?
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