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I am new here. I have been trying my best to get cats spayed/neutered and their shots taken care of. This however, is very trying as a lot of people just dont understand how important it is that their cats get spayed/neutered and their shots. I have called vet after vet and they dont seem to want to even take on the prospect of a feral cat they exist and they are just as important to get spayed/neutered as are strays and all others. I have set up an account to accept donations to get the cats done but not a lot of response to that either. It is so important to get them taken care of. I have also set up a space in my basement so that i can care for stray cats as well as cats that are not wanted anymore, as well as will be starting to catch the ferals so they can get their shots and spay/neuter done.
No matter how frustrating this is I keep going and plugging away. Right now I have a pregnant cat in my home that is going to deliver any day she will be going to Adirondack Saveastray when they get room. They have been absolutely wonderful they have taken in quite a few of the strays that have come my way and i have become an outreach branch for them I will be taking in cats in crisis as well as strays with the commitment from them that they will take them as soon as they have room. This will work out in the end but I will need lots of help I know. I have tried the local papers and am going to try some more but they dont seem to want to print all the info that is needed not only does this project survive on donations but it also needs monetary donations of catfood, litter, litter pans, cages, carriers, towels, sheets, food dishes, anything that is used in caring for cats. They dont seem to want to print all this and it is most definitely necessary to keep the project going. Sorry I took up so much space I just have so much I want to get done for the cats that I just dont know how to get it all across.
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Welcome to the site! What a wonderful thing you are doing!! I know that the furbabies appreciate your caring even if the stupid humans don't.

In case you haven't seen it, there is a Feral Rescue forum here where some of the past threads may be helpful to you, as well as a place where you can share your experiences.

I'm sure others with more experience with more experience can help you more than I, but here's some thoughts I had. Have you asked the vet's offices if you can put up flyers telling what you do and saying how people can help? I would think this would be a good audience since the people in there obviously love at least one animal. Perhaps you can contact the pet supply stores around your area and find out if you can take their damaged goods. Many stores just throw away any bags of food or litter that are damaged in shipping so it wouldn't be any loss to them.

Good luck to you! You are truly an angel straight to heaven for these lucky cats. :angel2:
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thank you for your ideas i have talked to several of the pet stores but have not been getting much response in the way of being helpful from the vets but i will keep trying thanks again
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Hi Nancy and welcome!

I am moving your thread over to the feral and rescue forums, where it might get a few more hits with advice to you. In the meantime, thanks for all of your efforts, and I hope you enjoy it here.
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Hey Nancy,

It is frustrating for sure. I deal only with feral rescues and I have had many an adult come here either bulging with kitties, or so diseased they can hardly stand. Here is a website where you might get the help you need.

alley cat allies
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My 2 cents.....I have recently met Nancy through her efforts and a couple of articles about her in the local paper. She is doing a GREAT job!
Nancy - you have my upmost support and admiration!
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Thank You Deb,
I took in two more, they will be going to Save-a-Stray Tuesday I will show them to you Monday when you stop to take the pics. The male is very scared but he lets me pet him. A priest was riding his bicycle from Glens Falls to Hudson Falls everyday just to feed him. The female a young boy brought over yesterday. She is so skinny, but she will do well here till they get her in on Tuesday.
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Bravo for all your hard work with the strays! I hope the Alley Cat Allies site has given you some good ideas.
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