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Tuffy just started shedding alot,,,

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Hi, I noticed that Tuffy is shedding real bad tonite. I was holding him and I was covered in his fur and I noticed the places he sleeps have alot of fur all over them also. He never left fur on me before and where he sleeps were never covered in fur. He seems normal otherwise.

Is this normal for them to shed like this at times? I know they will shed bad when scared but like I said he seems fine otherwise and nothing new has happened around here to stress him out that I can think of.

Should I be concerned about this???
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with the weather being as crazy as it has been - it's supposed to be around 55 degrees here today Loki's shedding has also increased - I would just give Tuffy a good brushing and keep an eye on him
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Start brushing him daily. Cat's shed, it's what they do. Cat hair is an accessory around here as well as a condiment.
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Hi, thanks for the ideas on this. I brushed him last night some but he thinks the brush is a toy so I didn't get to far but I didn't get much on the brush. The goofy weather here maybe has something to do with it, we set a new all time high temp record for our area today, we got to 51f today, the old record was 46f. I like to snowmobile but this and the last 4 or 5 winters have been a real joke. If we get a decent snow one day it gets into the 40s and rains the next. Back in November we were below o at night and had alot of snow for that early in the winter but right before Christmas it got warm and rained for days on end so all the snow is gone. Today was more like late march around here instead of the middle of winter.

All these cloudy/rainy days are making my depression much worse also. I have been busting my butt to get a real old Arctic Cat snowmobile ready for a vintage snowmobile show on the 21st of this month but I don't even know if there will be ice on the lake by then, weather says its going to warm most of next week also.
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Try a Zoom Groom it massages and relaxes the cats. Even my fiercest feral cat will let me groom him with this tool.
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Sorry I didn't answer back right away, I will check into the Zoom Groom for him and our other cats too.
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