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Is she still in heat?

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Alright, my brother and his girlfriend have a cat, they bought her about two years ago now and she's been mostly living with them, she has stayed at our house twice for two months each. Now last summer she went into heat because my brother's girlfriend wants her to have kittens. So anyways she went into heat this year as well, about a week and a half ago. I don't know how she acted this time, but last time she ran away fro a week after she had been in heat for a week. Recently we agreed to take her for a week so my brother's girlfriend could go visit some of her friends for a week who don't live near here.
The cat's name is China. Now China has been acting kinda funny. She keeps rolling around, and staying in the same place, but rolling to her other side or over herself completely, and keeps making a sound between a chirp and a meow or a sort of rolling meow, kind of like how people can roll their 'R's only it's a meow.. She was doing that infront of our male cat, but he's been fixed for over 10 years now, and he was fixed when he was really young. She alo does the chirp/meow when we pet her tail, and she's never done that before. She's letting me pet her stomache, another thing she's never done before. I'm wondering if this is the behavior of a cat in heat, or the behavoir of a cat that just got moved in with a female kitten(about 9 months) and a male cat(around 11 years)?
I'd like to know because if she's still in heat we'd like to keep her here until she is out of heat and if she's not then she can go back to her home when her owner comes back from visiting her friends.
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Please get her spayed, it is tons better for her and you and yes, she is in heat.
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I would get her spayed, but she's not my cat to spay. My brother and his girlfriend would kill us if we got her spayed. I completely understand where your coming from though. I volunteer at an animal shelter with 300+ cats from un-sold or un-wanted kittens from unspayed pets.
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And you can't take your brother and his girlfriend to the shelter for an eye-opening look at all the cats/kittens needing a home and persuade them to do the correct thing?
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I've tried, they've both been there. They wanted to adopt one of the kittens and have her have a litter as well
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I am speechless at the ignorance in the world
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