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Allergic to kitty litter?

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Hello, I haven't had much time to post here lately but I hope to soon.

I have a 10 year old female cat that I've been fostering for about 2 months. She has terrible allergies that seem to be getting worse since I brought her home. She has been wearing an e collar for about 2 weeks but still manages to lick her stomach and back legs until they are raw and bleeding. There was also a spot on her back which was starting to clear up and tonight I noticed that it's looking raw again. Now I know she isn't capable of licking there so I'm really confused

She's on Medical Hypo food and her vet has her on an antibiotic to help with any infection that she might get through licking. I'm washing her bedding weekly and since she's got the cone on, I try and "sponge bath" her to help keep her clean.

Is it possible that she is allergic to her kitty litter? I am using a new product called Feline Fresh which is a clumping litter made of pine shreddings. Is there a better litter for a kitty with allergies?
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Have you been able to have her blood tested? Testing her for allergies would give you more of a clue as to what is causing her reactions. It could be the litter, but it could be something else in your house as well.

You might try a corn litter [I've seen it in some of the stores] there's also one that supposedly can be put in the garden or something, anyways that could be worth a shot. She could very well be allergic to pine.
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I can feel your frustration. I know you feel so bad for your kitty. My cat had similar problems. It was very frustrating because she had to wear a cone and was itchy but not allowed to relieve it. She also managed to get to the area despite the cone. My cat is now on a limited diet of Venison and Green Pea. I use litters made of corn or wheat, but there is always the possibility of mold, since some bits of litter that are moist, are bound to remain in the box. Change out the box completely, and often.

My Vet told me just yesterday to avoid pine. Cats with atophy (great sensitivity) don't seem to do well with it. I am not an expert by any means, but I think switching litters would be a good step. It never occured to me until someone told me. My Vet went to a seminar recently where they said an astounding amount of cats are reacting well to a limited diet. There are also meds for allergies, such as chlorpheniramine (like chlor-trimeton for us)...that you might ask your Vet about if the litter change and diet changes don't produce results...I hope your kitty gets better soon.
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I would try a newspaper based litter and see how she does. Of all types that would probably be the most easily tolerated.
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