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Just moved, cat pulling out hair

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I have a very nervous cat on my hands and I don't know what to do to ease her stress.

She's six years old, an indoor, litter-trained, spayed cat and has adjusted fairly well to change in the past. I have moved her twice before and, though she did spend some time hiding, she soon came through a happy cat.

I recently moved to a new house with my boyfriend. He's allergic so she can no longer sleep with me as she used to every night. We've lived here about three weeks now and she spent a lot of time yowling outside the bedroom door, but that has slowed the past couple of days. What concerns me most is that she's pulling out all of the hair on her butt and the base of her tail. She's essentially bald on these areas and it pains me to see this. She's also tearing up the rest of her skin that still has fur, leaving welts like she's got a bad case of fleas. I've looked, no fleas. This place has hardwood floors, so there aren't any lurking either.

I also have another cat who has adjusted very well to the move and is quite happy.

Everything I've read has said that I should take her to the vet to get antidepressants. Aren't there some other options? Is there any way that I can maker her feel safe and calm? Some nights I sleep with her in another room away from my boyfriend because I feel so guilty. She's never had problems like this before and I hate to see her so miserable.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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You should take her to the vet and be sure she doesn't have a parasite invasion and get her flea treated. You can't always see fleas when you look. It could also just be stress. Cats love routine and when their routine is disrupted they will react and this is one they show stress. This is also a way they show pain so a vet visit is advisable
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