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You did mix the sample with the current dry ??
Some cats have simple taste...

I HAVE TOO strongly disagree that corn gluten is a bad ingrediant... it is a highly digestable protein... grd corn isnt very digestable and I dont like using it ..
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When he first ate it, I didn’t mix it, he just ate some and that was it. Again last night I didn’t mix it and he didn’t eat anything. This morning I mix it and he eat it, but I thought I did the wrong thing and threw it away and put new with just Since Diet. But I think he did notice something different because this afternoon he ate more then in the morning, or maybe it’s just my imagination. I’m scared that he might think everything in the food has that stuff that he doesn’t like.
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Originally Posted by lionessrampant
I definitely like Felidae...I also like Cal Natural (even though I don't like the company that makes it for "human" reasons).

Laureen- Evenager's is available online at http://www.evangersdogfood.com Unfortunately, you can only buy cases, but I've never seen a cat not like this food and the formula is very simple. Have you tried getting them on wet food by using the Wysong Au Jus cans or the Evanger's game meats? It's just 100% meat...it would make a good supplement and maybe her little system would get used to wet?
Cable can do fine on friskies wet, no problems...she can't do 9 lives, fancy feast, natural balance or nature's choice. i'm not sure about the maxcat yet - Cable wasn't as interested in it as the others. i think she did better on it - more like the result i get w/friskies. i'd really like to find something Pixel will eat, but haven't yet. Pixel actually likes the fancy feast, but i can't feed that because Cable will eat the leftovers, the little pig! i might try the evanger's or wysong... but a case is a huge investment when Pixel may not even eat it. the other 2 will eat anything, just about!
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It's kinda funny to hear about kitties not liking food. I'm lucky, all my cats eat whatever I put in front of them. Except for wet food, which I have just started giving them a couple weeks ago. Sharky suggested using the Nutro pouches instead of canned to get my two picky girls used to it. I'm gonna try it tonight. I just picked up my first bag of Nutro adult. I can't wait to see the change it makes in them to be on a better food.
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