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Tell tale signs?

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Hi everyone, I am new to this forum & I hope someone can help me here. I have a 2.5 yr old female RagDoll (Lucy) & I am pretty sure she is pregnant. I also have a 14 month Norwegian Forest Cat (Casper). Lucy went into heat the 1st of December & Casper mounted her quite a few times. I am hoping to get a litter from these 2 before I have Casper neutered (I already have homes for a litter of 5+ kittens). Lucy was the runt of the litter so she is a danty girl. Her belly seems somewhat rounder & a wee bit firm. I have read that her nipples will change colour & just before labour they will enlarge. Is there any other signs I can look for? I have never owned a female before Lucy, so I am unexperienced with them. Both of my cats are strict indoors cats, never have been outside. Thanks in advance if anyone can help.
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Best thing to do is read this link:


If you have further questions, you should probably take your cat to your vet. The vet can confirm that she is pregnant.

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A normal pregnancy is 63-65 days after mating.
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Not all cats will "pink up" on their nipples as a sign of pregnancy. A lot do, but on some, you won't start to see any noticable color/shape change until later on in the pregnancy.

One of the most tell-tale signs you will have is that your girl won't come back into heat. I don't know what her normal cycle was like before she was bred, but most intact queens kept indoors will cycle non-stop throughout the year. If she doesn't come back into estrus, then there's your sign.

Another thing that happens in some girls is a bit of morning sickness in the first few weeks of gestation. You might also notice she is eating more - go ahead and let her eat as much as she wants right now so long as it is a good, high-quality kitten food in both dry and canned. She will need the extra resources as she is nursing her litter down the road.

The link that TNR1 has provided here is a good one and I encourage you to read all you can to get ready for the big event. As always, you can ask questions here and I am always available via email or private message. Feel free to ask me anything you feel you need to know.
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Thank you again for the links & advice, it was very helpful.
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hi i know this does not answer your question but on the 1st of december my cat gave birth to 4 fantastic kittens so i was pretty much like u are and when i first found out she was pregnant, her eating habbit changed from not eating a lot to eating loads and her moods changed, to like she was always a loving cat then to scratching and biting people, u might also notice when she walks she moves more slowly than before
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