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Feel Good News Story

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I was watching the news tonight and in their "Look Across America" they showed a story about these people in Oklahoma. They started hearing faint mewing and scratches but couldn't figure out where it was coming from. They finally figured out that a cat was stuck inside the walls of their home! The punched a hole in the wall (called the fire department and news crews too apparently) and out comes a very hungry but otherwise healthy little black kitty!

She was such a cute little thing, too! She was semi-long haired and had a little bald patch on her head from her ordeal. They showed the people holding her all wrapped up in a towel.

Just thought I would share this. We don't hear news stories too often with a happy ending.

(As a complete side note - and I'm not looking for praise or anything, really - I did the exact same thing when we heard Ophelia in the walls! I guess I should have called the news teams instead of just getting the poor thing out! :tounge2: I just thought about how many stories I've heard from everyone here about all the cats that have been saved from horrible circumstances. I guess even the news sometimes cares about the little ones that do get saved. )
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What a great ending to that story! You might be famous right now if you'd called the news crews for getting Ophelia out of the walls!!!
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Horray! They saved the poor kitty!
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I think I saw that on animal planet or maybe it was a different one but same situation. It's so nice to see people pull together and help out a little kitty.
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