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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45
One reason yours never seemed to use them could be if you put the beds on the floor. Our beds were up high - either on our bed or on a dresser. Cats don't like sleeping on the floor.

The funny thing for me is Claire sleeps on the floor. Seems like she would be much more comfortable in the bed. She just lies on the carpet. At night she may sleep alternately through the night with one of us. When I wake up in the morning though, she is right there on the floor not too far from my bed.
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Ok, there are exceptions to the rule

Out of ALL my cats over the year, only one slept on the floor sometimes and that was in a deep "cup" bed. The others slept on the bed, dresser, top of dryer, or back of the couch.
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Both of mine do, but not 100% of the time. They will also sleep on towels on the floor, paper, or an old wal-mart bag (handles cut). We live in a warm area, so sometimes they just curl up on the floor! We have a cat napper window perch that one of my cats lives in during the hot months.

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Only the heat reflective bed gets used
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We have a donut bed, a fluffy pillow, 2 igloos and 2 radiator bed. When we first got the girls, they slept together in the donut. Now, they sleep with us! The igloos get used occasionally but generally as a hide and seek accessory, the fluffy pillow never gets used and the radiator beds sort of get slept on but tend to get used as part of the obstacle course they do when they are having their mad half hour
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All of mine do.
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I found some pics

They also like the padding before it becomes a bed:

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i have a couple of the donut beds that i bought online - mine all like them. one is single cat sized, & the other is 2 cat sized. don't Pixel & Cable look happy?

they also like the cat nappers that you mount to the window...

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