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Kitty sock thief

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Hi, I'm new here.

I just got a new 6 month old Bangle kitty. He is a really friendly Cat. He has a strange tendancy I wanted to share to see if I could get an explaination, or insight to my kitties personality.

The funny thing about him is, he always, every night, steals my socks, and hides them in the basement of my home. Only my socks, not my girl friends, just mine?? He sleeps in our room and I'm wondering if my socks bother him? He likes to take off with my wet towel after my morning shower too. Whats up with him?

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Is your cat taking used socks or clean socks?

If he is stealing used socks it is probably because they smell like you. He likes your smell!

My cat does the same thing w/my socks. I have actually caught her licking them, yuck

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Yeah..used socks.

Atleast its a good thing (for him). I can get by sock hunting on laundry day.

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never had one steal socks, but I had one that would stick his head into the toe of my sneakers when I took them off. Once he fell asleep that way. How could he breathe?!

They sure are characters . . .
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My cat LOVES my boyfriend's sweaters. She'll paw them, lick them, hold them lightly in her mouth. Then curl up and sleep on them!! It's adorable.
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Does yours spill his/her food (wet or dry) all over the floor, then decide to eat it?

I've only had mine for 3wks and aleady have a partial list of strange things he does. He's so cute though, looks like a leopard, but cat size. The breeder said he was 1/4 asian leopard.


Just realized i started this on the wrong board, sorry.
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My kitty doesn't pay a bit of attention to my socks or hose. Maybe my feet stink.
I have a friend who has 10 indoor cats & one of them likes to chew holes in her socks, either clean or dirty. Fortunately the other 9 don't have a thing about socks.
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Almost 20 years ago, I had a big, black longhair, named Scamp. HE used to steal my kids' dirty socks and underwear and hide them in the coffee table. As for the food thing, Opie drops chunks of food on the floor. Sometimes, he eats them and, sometimes, he leaves them for me to pick up. I bought him a placemat but he, still, drops the food on the floor.
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Hhahaha... I don't have sock theif, but I do have a "tool" theif!! haha... when we were trying to fit spot lights in our bathroom , we were using a mini screwdriver - every single time we put it down it disappeared and Monty was running down the stairs with it in his mouth!! We also have a "weird" eater - Ash puts his paw in EVERYTHING!!! (even our food and drink?!?!) He'll look at his food in the bowl then stick his paw in nad eat it off his paw, the thing is he tries to do this with water too - so we just end up with a very wet floor in the kitchen.. :LOL:
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I have a Bengal kitty named Mozzie, and he is always stealing
socks. I have even discovered them hidden, half buried in the
garden !!! He is definately a character, that's for sure ! He never takes anybody elses socks, but he has a fascination with nicking mine. He also urinates on my clothing and bed where ever they are, even though he was 'fixed' ages ago. He never seems to use his litter tray, if he can get access to my clothes, so I do sometimes get frustrated with him, but I look at him and he stares back with a tilted angle to his head, and I think " You little rat...why can't I stay angry with you !?! ". Telling him off makes him worse though, and he starts to reek revenge on my property, by destroying it.

As far as the socks though, I just take it as part of his peculiar character !!!

Peace, Love, and Happiness, Always
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3 years ago, our little black kitten was a sock theif. so we named him sox. it was very cute.

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WHY is it, always, socks? Maybe, because they're relatively small and easily transported? Opie hasn't done this, yet but, he'll probably read this and get the idea.
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I had a cat that loved to lay on my shoes. She would fall asleep curled on top of them. She never stole my socks though.
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My cat Lucy also has a strange fettish for my winter gloves. She carried the glove all over the house today playing w/it. Lucy is enjoying it so much I just can't take it away and spoil her fun.

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