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Dieter in trouble/ catfight hole

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First of all I'm scared to death and don't know what to do. Here's my story:

He's a huge kitten of 11 months. Our college has a lot of cats and well, I decided to adopt one from the college since they're offering the program to control the population. When I got him he was a baby kitten of two months and well he was an indoor cat at my apartment. It's been about two months that I moved back in with my grandmother and she has the habit of throwing out the cats. Unfortunatly, he got used to that now and well, he's now an indoor/outdoor cat. Sadly, he's also a wussy cat and can't or rather doesn't know how to fight.

First week out he got a gaping hole on his left arm and I started putting proxide on it several times a day and it eventually healed up pretty good. No hair in the area yet, but they're no hole anymore.

This time around he's gotten worse. He sleeps with me and one night while petting him on the stomach, I usually get around to petting him under the arms and whatnot. I felt a bumpy watery type skin and I was like what's this. When I pressed on it, he would meow in pain. I then went back to sleep and in the morning there was a big puddle of wet on my bed and since my sheets are red, i couldn't tell if it was piss or water. Then I thought about what I had felt the earlier that night, and of course, it happened to be that. Whatever I felt had popped and was bleeding massivly. After some peroxide and cleaning of the blood, There was the injury.

I started to cry and looked in closer. It was what it seemed to be two holes of some kind. Like big bite marks. I saw it this morning and the two holes became one huge hole like if the skinned tore apart.

Can anyone picture what I'm saying already? I peeked in closer. I thought I was seeing blood on the surface but no, it wasn't blood, it was his actual musles I was looking at. I could see deep into his body like a cave. Underhis arms is where the whole is and I can literally see inside that area. The hole is big.

To make matters worse, his eyes are starting to get sticky. ~_~ I'm so scared right now and I want to take him to the vet but I wanted opinions first. I'm applying first aid and he seems fine. He's licking his hole, wound and I have applied a bandage around his underarm and he still eats and plays and everything. But his eyes are very watery and sticky. What can I do to help my poor dieter. u_u Thank you for taking the time to read my situation and any comments will help.
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Take your cat to the Anything this serious needs professional care!!
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First, get your kitty to the vet ASAP. It sounds like he's got an abscess -- an infection that cats can get when they have wounds and bacteria gets into them.

Second, tell granny the cat stays inside, period. Outdoor cats are at risk for all kinds of icky stuff, including abscesses. As a starving student, you probably don't want a lot of vet bills. LOL

He will whine and wheedle at you to be let out. Ignore him. He needs to stay in and he WILL get used to being in, if you provide plenty of play spaces for him like scratching posts, cat trees, etc.
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I removed you photo, it was way to large for this forum- sorry-

Please get this cat to the vet immediately. Bite wounds are nasty, they carry bacteria straight to the cat's bloodstream and you could loose Dieter. Peroxide is the last thing you want to use on a wound, you need betadine scrub, you must leave the wound open to breathe and keep the cat indoors until he heals.
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Your cat needs to go the vet immediatley!
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I am sooooo sorry your little baby is going through this. But please keep him inside from now on if at all possible. He does'nt stand a chance outdoors I would DEFINATLY take him to the vet NOW!!!!! This hole you speak of sounds god awful! It sounds as though a massive infection has set in He needs vet care and probably strong antibiotics ASAP! Please, if you love your kitty and don't want to lose him take him to the vet NOW> do not wait for our opinions. Also as I already said, please keep him indoors, he sounds like a lover and not a fighter.

Again, please don't wait on our opinions-he needs help now.
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Vet. Now.
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Please, even if your vet is closed get to an emergency animal clinic. Meanwhile I'll be praying for your little Dieter.
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This sounds serious. I have to agree vet. I hope he gets better & please keep us updated. I think at this point you have to consider how dangerous it is outside for him & please keep him inside. Sending good vibes for a fast recovery for your baby.
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See a Vet NOW.

- I am an old hand at bite wounds. What you see is a wound
that has been festering for some time. The abcess ruptured - this is good,
but it needs PROFESSIONAL cleaning out (fur must be shaved, the vet will
debrade and get rid of dead smelly pussy flesh, and cat needs AT LEAST one injection of anti bio - followed by oral (pills) anti bios you give at home (just like a person would talk anti bios.)

Bite wounds are very serious, esp. if in a fleshy area. If they are on bone, they don't go as deep - and so tend to be easier to clean and create less problems. Fleshy area bites can cause enormous damage - up to and include death of the animal from infections in the blood...

You did the right thing, cleaning it out - but it needs more than you can
do at home. And the cat needs anti bios.

Your cat should stay in. Someone or thing is attacking him, and will not stop, unless you keep inside.

Now, one last thing. If money is the issue - immediately take it to a NO KILL shelter or call the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals if you have one. Tell them you want to keep and care for cat, but may not be able to pay the full cost of treatment. Vets will sometimes do a payment plan too.

Don't let your kitty die or suffer horribly because you couldnt afford to take to vet!!
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Hun, warn your gran that if the cat keeps going outside and getting into fights he's at risk or catching fiv
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I went online to see what an abscess looks like and that's exactly what it looks like >_<!! My boyfriend doesn't get out till 5 I'm going to heb to buy him a little pet carrier and going to take him to the vet. I'll stop applying proxide and I had a gut feeling it had something to do with a bite. The hole is only two days old so hopefully he'll be okay. I'll keep you all updated.
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I am in the health care field and I have had cats for 17 years. What worries more than the abscess is the glassy eyes. I would put the cat in a box and walk to the vet if I had to. I'll pray he survives!
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I'm glad to hear your getting the cat to a vet today. let us know how he is. I'm sending good healing wishes your way. You really need to keep him as a indoor cat. Sit down with your grandmother and explain to her how dangerous it is for a cat to be allowed outside.
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Well, like I had mentioned earlier, my boyfriend got out at 5 and we rushed over to my house which was a few blocks away from the college. When I went inside dieter was on my bed sleeping away all grumpy like he always is. I got his favorite red towel and wrapped him up and got into the car. He's afraid of car rides.

The shelter closed at 6pm so we had time thank goodness. We ended up getting there at 5:40 and I wrote down his information and they sent me right away to a room to check up on him. They took his temp which was a little high but not too too much high. She then told me to show her the bite and you guys were right of course =D It was a horrible cat bite but luckily it was only two days old. The bite was two days while it bursting the puss and blood was only oneday. She squeezed at it and checked for mites in his ears and he had a few but that's only because he goes outside.

She told me that the wound was pretty damn clean and was amazed at how clean it was but she still told me she was going to clean it out, give him some eye drops and antibiotics. They also gave him a little coneshaped wrap so he won't lick his wounds. I need to take pictures of that cause it's too funny.

So all in all, the lady told me it was going to come out to 96 dollars but for some reason the girl who does the charging up from charged me 75 dollars. >_> I just kept my mouth shut and walked away. I called earlier and they told me they didn't accept payments but when I was walking out the door, on the wall it said "ask about our intrest free payments."

I was like huh? I could've done payments? Oh well. So yes, eyedrops, bubble gum smelling antibods and a coneshaped wrap, 75 dollars. I'm so glad it wasn't that expensive but at that point, I don't care what the price would've been. I love him too much to lose him. He's staying inside now and I need to get his shots done soon. When I get a bit more money considering his shots will come out to 150 I think.

Thank you all for the prayers and good lucks. =D He's okay for now but for the next few weeks I'm gonna make sure he doesn't lick that wound of his.

I'll be lurking around this forum from now on because the responding is wonderful and people are nice and friendly about pesty questions.

Sorry about the large picture, now I know. =D
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Good news. I'm glad you have been able to get your cat to the vets and taken care of so quickly. The longer you put of having bite wounds taken care of the worse they will get. By getting your kitty to the vet so soon.He should be fine in a few days. I hope you can convince your grandmother to NOT let him out again..
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I'm glad to hear Dieter has been taken to the vet and that his prognosis is good. Please, for both yours and you kittens best interests, keep him inside indefinitely. I can't stress enough how important it is to keep him indoors in order for him to live a long and full life. Good luck.
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When he goes to the vet for his shots, he really should be neutered, too. That way he won't fight so much, and of course he won't be making any unwanted kittens. I'm glad you got him on antibiotics right away.
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That's great! I am glad it was'nt too severe. In addition to his shots, you might want to really consider getting him nuetered, and micro-chipped. I know you don't plan on him beeing outside anymore, but since he has been going outside already he might dart out one day and if he gets picked up and taken to a shelter they will be able to contact you.

Please keep us updated, and I can't wait to see more pics of him he is a handsome boy
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mewdrop, I'm so glad your kitty will be okay! And I'm glad your vet works with payments ... LOL ... that can be a godsend. I'm still paying off a $650 bill from September at $100 per month ... I'm almost done, hallelujah.

Do please have Dieter neutered too -- he will be more content to be an indoor kitty after the magic snips! lol
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I'm so glad to hear he's doing well. All things considered I think he has a little kitty angle looking out for him & I'm very glad to hear that your going to be keeping him inside.
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Originally Posted by mewdrop
He's staying inside now and I need to get his shots done soon. When I get a bit more money considering his shots will come out to 150 I think.
$150 for shots?? That is way too much. I would check with a different vet about the shots. I'm glad Dieter is going to be ok.
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