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Kitten plays with her food..

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What I'm trying to say is she plays "hockey" with one or two pieces of dry food, and it ends up under the 'fridge. I don;t knowif getting her a toy will help, or will she outgrow this ? She is eating well otherwise. Thanks!
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She's just playing - I would give her a small ball and see if she'll play with that instead! Preferably one that won't fit under the fridge so you don't have to retrieve it!
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My cats have toys all over the house. Get your kitten some furry mice. She'll probably still play hockey with her food, but maybe the mice will get her to take out some of her playfulness before mealtime.
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What kitten doesn't play with their food? I have yet to meet one that doesn't. Try floating ice cubes in the water bowl, or get a couple of ping pong balls (they float) The are a good distraction for kibble hockey.......SCORE!!!
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most kittens do play with their food, our kittens have plenty of toys but they still like to play "kibble hockey" the best thing to do is to fill your bowls up a little less so that they cannot get the food out easily.
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Thanks, All..Sorry for the late reply, as I am working on my 'puter at home. I'll definitely get her a ball. I have gotten cat toys before, and once they get bored with them, the toys just lay around.
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I got my cat a set of three fuzzy mice that he loves to play with. Two stay in the cat nip container and the third he gets to play with and they are rotated every few days
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I don't remember Buffy or Willow playing with their food, but the new kitty in our house has taken up the habit of playing with her food. I'll wake up in the morning to find a thick layer of food surrounding the food bowls, with a good load of kibbles soaked in the water. So I'll refill the water, chuck the kibbles and fill up with fresh kibbles (less amounts this time) and leave. Later that night, I'll be preparing for bed and I'll find a couple of broken kibbles lying around my pillow, lol (the food bowls are in my room). There won't be much of a mess of kibbles around the food bowl because all 3 cats have eaten it all up during the day (so the kitty didn't get the chance to play). So I put in a little bit of kibbles into the bowl and hop into bed. For the next few minutes I'll hear the scraping and shuffling sounds of her trying to paw the kibbles out of the bowl, lol

I'm hoping she outgrows it soon because the food bowl is on a shelf thingie with loose carpet glued on. Whenever the kitty paws out the food, she also paws at the carpet and pulls the, well, strands loose and some strands get in the bowl. I'm not worrying much about her eating the strands, because she doesn't appear to be that kind of cat, but Buffy's a "foreign object eater", so... Plus it makes quite a mess and is pretty difficult to clean up. Not that I'm complaining... exactly... lol
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I dont think getting a toy will make the kitten stop playing with his food, but i've leaned kittens and cats love toy rats. I'm pretty sure Bear thinks they are real!
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