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Help Sick cat

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Hi A cat recently showed up at my house and i took him in, he had a small knot on his hip but it didnt seem to bother him he was running and jumping,but within the last week the knot has gotten huge and his foot has swollen,but is very allert and eating and drinking.I have a vet appt for this evening but it is breaking my heart i am grown very fond of him and i am afiard i am gonna have to have him but to sleep.any ideas on what it might be ?
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He probably has an abscess and an infection. The vet will lance the wound and drain it, give the cat antibiotics and unless the infection is to far gone and doesn't respond to the medication, the cat should be fine. I deal with abscesses all the time, and even though they tend to get messy, very rarely are they fatal.
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Hissy, you beat me to it. LOL

Arearis, if this cat just "showed up" at your house, he's probably been living pretty rough outside. That means fighting with other males and getting scratched and clawed. Abscesses can result from infected wounds.

I bet he'll be just fine. If he's eating and drinking okay and seems otherwise alert, it's probably pretty minor. Make sure you pay careful attention to the vet's instructions and any medications he gives you.

Good luck! I'm glad that kitty found a home.
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I agree - it is probably an easily treated problem, especially if he is acting okay. Please let us know how the vet visit goes.
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Well I took him to the vet yesterday afternoon. The vet didnt even really examine him just came in and told me that I should have him put to sleep and that the knot looked like a cancer tumor,So I asked him if he thought he was in any pain and he said no it was more like a feeling of a cold.I didnt want to have him put to sleep when he still acts perfectly fine other then he cant use that leg. so the vet gave me some steriod antibotics and told me the minute he quits eating to have him put to sleep.So now I am not only heart broken but i am worried if I am just letting him suffer? any suggestions.
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Yes, get a second opinion with a vet who will do more of an exam for heavens sakes.
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Well I thought of that but I really dont have the money, but I am going to have to do something all he can do is sit in his bed.He has been using the bathroom on his self cause he cant make it to the litter box or even out of his bed.I can barly stand to see him he looks so sad and miserable,but as i said i hate to have him put to sleep it seems cruel,
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i agree with getting a second opinion.

but as to your statement about it seeming cruel to put the kitty to sleep, i can only tell you what we just went through: we put our sweet mabel to sleep last sunday - it was the hardest thing i've ever done. but it was the most caring thing i've ever done. i was holding her when the dr gave the shot. she passed so peacefully, and just knowing that she wasn't suffering and she had no pain made me KNOW it was the right thing to do.

i wish you luck with your darling. and find another vet that actually shows an interest. i hope all turns out well!
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