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Celebrating her 100th Birthday!

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Our oldest sister, Gabriel, is celebrating her 100th birthday today!
She's a native of Ireland, who joined the convent when she was 15 years old and spent more than 75 years as a teacher before she retired. She's a sweet, wonderful lady and still pretty with it. She doesn't always recall my name when I to to visit her, but she always remembers that I'm "the one with the cats!"
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Wow, 100 years old, what a wonderful life I'm sure she's had!!

Happy Birthday to Gabrielle!!
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That is wonderful. I hope she has a happy birthday, and more to come.
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wow thats great I wonder if she'll get something from the queen...I have always heard people do if they reach 100!

Happy Birthday to her
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Eva, that's if someone writes a letter in.

Happy birthday to Gabriel!
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Happy Birthday to Sister Gabriel! That's quite an acheivement!
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Wow - congratulations to her!!!
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Oh My Eileen......definately this is great and wonderful notice!...
tell to her for me CONGRATULATIONS from México!!!
and many, many happy returns!!!
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Oh wow Eileen! Please send congratulations from Down Under. I love that she might not remember your name but she knows you're the cat lady.
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