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Farting On Specific Person!

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I think this is the funniest thing. Whenever my mom gets on the computer, My kittie will jump up and rub her head and my moms arm, and purr, Fart, and jump down. She only does this to my mom. And my mom has never harmed her, blew foul body odors at her or anything like that...
I think its funny yet, wierd. what do u think ?
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LOL I love bathroom humor!! My dog always farts and I can't help but laugh till it hurts when he does.

Seriously though I'm not sure if there's a reason for this. When I first got my cat Benny and I lived with my mom at the time she'd bitch at me to scoop out his litter box. Anyway after yelling at me about it one day Benny went into her bedroom and took a HUGE dump in the middle of her bed. It was so funny.
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That is hilarious badhabit. I bet your mom doesn't yell at you to clean the litterbox anymore !

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Well I don't live with her anymore and neither does Benny.:tounge2:

Although she does have a kitten named Gary so she better be careful about yelling about him........
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Speaking of dogs farting reminded me of my late ex-dog, Ted. He was smart in some ways (he would move out of the way when you said "Excuse me"), but in other ways he was soooo dumb.

He would fart, then turn around really fast to see where that noise came from! He really had no idea...
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that is funny in a lot of ways but i bet your mom was perturbed with it. I had a beagle that (oh my goodness) really reeked when he farted. He had worms and pooped on my blanket right beside my bed what a nasty mess that was. I have since found him a good home he was abused and I had to take him in along with the cats so that he could have a good home and thank goodness he found one. he is now 5 months old and doing well. he has also been wormed.
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I have a 5 lb. Westie named Kashi who farts on a regular basis... I was complaining to my frind who owns a 150 lb. dog, MoJo. When MoJo farts, she told us, it wakes you out of a dead sleep.
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When my GF went to the Bangle breeder last month to get our new lil'fella, she had a long drive home with a stressed kitty with some irritated bowels. He kept farting, and farting (nastily) all the way (30min drive) to pick me up from work and take our pal home. She brought him into work, he visited around at reception, and farted on the security gard, then gave her a wet spot ( we then firgured out he was really holding it in) so we rushed him home, set up his litter, showed it to him, he ran behind the couch and left a "gift package" even though he knew where his litter was. That was the only time he ever missed his box, after that he's been a very tidy kitty. He still, after 3wks, has the most horrible smell when he uses the litter, or farts. The vet blames stress, and settling in a new place, but I have to wonder why he is still sooooooo smelly.

this is my first Cat, I was raised a dog guy, so i'm learning.
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Wierd. Ever since I posted this she doesnt do it anymore. Maybe she felt embarressed.Haha.
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This thread made me laugh. Before my did died, he was on an oxygen concentrator. Their beagle mutt dog Bowser had smelly farts all the time. One time when dad was not well or off the couch for a few days, Bowser let a big one blow right in front of that machine. It sucked it in and concentrated the fart big time ....WOW Dad got up right away with a mouthful of explatives for the dog!

we did always credit that dog with giving Dad the will power to hang on for a while longer.......
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