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Underweight cat

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Hi all!

I have a 16 yr. old female that is truly amazing!
She has defied all odds and used up a few of her nine lives in the process! This is one resilient old cat!

She was a diabetic for about 4 years. About 1 year ago she took a strange turn and upon visiting the vet, I was told she no longer need the insulin shots. She had in fact corrected the problem and was no longer diabetic!

Since that time, I've changed her diet a bit. She was overweight when she was initially diagnosed. Now she is pretty thin. I'd actually like to put a little weight on her.
She has no health issues to speak of, in fact she is in better shape now than she was 5 years ago!

I'd love to hear some suggestions from you all on ways to put a little more "meat on her bones". She's got plenty of love, now all she need is some fattening up!
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Hi Tinks and welcome to TCS.

It might be a good idea to take her off to the vet for a senior cat check-up and bloodwork. This will give you an idea as to her general health and alert you to any problems. How are her teeth? If they are bad or absent, she may be having trouble chewing dry food and she may need just wet food. If she comes back clear at the exam, the vet will advise you about the best food for a very senior cat.

She sounds like a sweetie.
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