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Wheezing, coughing

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Right before Christmas my 4 yr old nuetered indoor/outdoor male cat seemed to loose his voice. He seemed to get it back and then last week I noticed that he seemed to be having trouble again. Then I noticed that he was wheezing and has a real "barky" cough. I've never seen him vomit, so I don't think it's that kind of cough. Has anyone ever seen this or know what may be causing it? He eats good and seems fine otherwise.

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Seems like he has an URI (upper respertory infection) - he needs to see a VET!!!!
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Hi Kathy, welcome to TCS.

I agree with Helen, he needs a vet. It could be one of a number of things - something stuck in his throat, an URI like Helen said, Asthma, heart trouble etc.
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For Teddy, it was a URI (it still is, actually, his cough has lingered for a LONG time). It took 2 courses of antibiotics - about a month total - but that got rid of most everything. He'll probably need one more round to get rid of it for good. My vet also did a chest x-ray just to make sure his lungs were clear - you might want to do one of those also. It definitely set my mind at ease.
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Although my little kitty Hannah never really coughed, she sneezed up a storm when she had her URI. My other cat, Callie would dry cough but sneezed more. Hannah was very weezey, snotty, and had runny eyes. It's taken us 4 rounds of antibiotics to finally knock it out, though she's still sneezing. However, she's not sneezing as much, which is an improvement in my book!

I agree with the others, the little one needs to been seen by the vet for an accurate diagnosis and treatment.

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I do need to take him to the vet. He doesn't sneeze at all and his eyes look just fine. I've hundreds of cats in my lifetime and I don't ever remember hearing one cough like he does. And otherwise he acts just normal. I can't even imagine trying to give him any medication either. I have to sneak up on him to apply Frontline and then I can hardly get near him for days!
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