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Max got scratched!!

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I took Max for a walk yesterday and we stopped in at the pet store to pick up some new food (he won't eat his kibble, but that's for another thread). Anyway, I poked my head in and asked the woman working whether they allowed dogs to come in, as some pet stores do. She said as long as he's leashed it's fine, so we went in. They have store cats who were lounging around inside. After picking out a food, we came up to the counter and I proceeded to go about paying.

At this point, Max is about 2 ft to my left, investigating a display of dog treats (he's a hound, so he follows his nose). Beside the display was a cat tree and one of the store cats was on the top (I hadn't noticed her up there). Max was just minding his own business but I guess she thought he was too close because she suddenly hissed and took a swipe at him. She caught him on the snout and it bleed quite a bit (considering the size of the scratch) in the store. The woman apoligized (I don't blame her, the cat probably felt cornered, but it would have been nice if she'd have warned me that the cats were not good with dogs) and gave me a paper towel. I wiped him up and by the time we left a minute later, it had stopped bleeding. Max was immediately back to his old self, smelling his way home, perfectly happy.

I disinfected his snout when we got home and have done so after walks since (as I said, he follows his nose, which means it spends a lot of time in the dirt) and the scratch isn't even distinguishable unless I look really closely under good light. Is there anything else I should be doing for him?

I know it's just a scratch and he's perfectly fine, but I still feel like it's my fault for not protecting him. Sorry Max.
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Just keep watch for infection. You did a good job by keeping it clean. Cat scratches can get really infected if not cleaned.
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One of our dogs used to get too close to miss priss ( Chichi ) and wind up with a good pop&scratch. As long as you keep it clean, and free of debris he should be fine I have also put vasaline or shea butter on it to help speed it's healing, and minamize scarring.

I hope Max heals up soon! And don't stress, it was not your fault. Animals interact, sometimes with unwanted outcomes
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Poor Max... and he wasn't even doing anything wrong. She should have given him a free doggie treat
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