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tapeworms. eww!

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my cat has tapeworms! Two of them came out of her, fully grown, when she went to the potty last night. Eww! So I took her to the 24 hour vet who gave her a pill and another for me to give her in 3 weeks.
Is there anything else I should know/do? When will she be cured? How will I know?
Any special feeding/litter box instructions?

And is it possible for my roommates and I to catch tapeworms from her? Is it still safe to play with her as normal, let her lick me, jump on counters etc?
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my kitty had tapeworms, the pill killled them right away . the secod pill is for when the eggs left in there hatch. I did nothing different other than wash my hands after scooping and feeding which I always do anyway.
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The worms you see crawling around are not the host worm, they are segments of the host worm. The host is attached to the inside of your cat's intestional wall which is why a vet visit is necessary to get the proper medication to remove and kill the host.

If your cat has tapeworms then it has fleas. You should be safely flea-treating your cat according to the vet's instructions as well. Simply following proper hygiene, using rubber gloves when handling litter pans ( a good thing to do anyway) should be fine. If you have kids and they accidentally swallow a flea, they could get tapeworms as well.
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the weird thing is the vet didn't think she had fleas. She hasn't been outside since October. So it must be from a flea she swallowed back in the summer. But I'll probably buy frontline anyways to be safe.

The segments that came out were fully formed and about 6 inches long (2 of them). The vet said it was the most developed tapeworm she'd ever seen and kept it! So were they segments or complete worms?
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