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Does neutering usually help overstimulation?

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Madden was just neutered last week (at almost six months) and I was wondering if it might help with him getting over stimulated?? I thought I read somewhere that unneuterd males were more likely to become over stimulated, so I am curious.

He's always gotten over stimulated since we got him when he was eight weeks old. I don't think he was ever handled very much, he's always loved attention but then the tail twitching starts and if your not paying attention your bit!!

I've made quite a lot of progress with him by stopping long before he gets to that point and only petting him when he asks me to (no matter how hard it may be to resist at times!). Now it takes him much longer to get overstimulated, but some days we're back to square one. I love him the same either way, I just wondered if, given a month or so for the hormones to fully leave his system, the overstimulation might lessen?

If anyone else has a cat prone to overstimulation, I would love to hear your stories!

Thanks in advance for any input!
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Yes! Sleeves used to be like this before he got neutered, he'd purr while I was stroking him and cuddling him and roll over so I could tickle his tummy, then all of a sudden he'd bite and scratch me so I'd back off.
Since being neutered nearly 2 months ago he has gotten a lot mote affectionate and loves to be cuddled for longer than before. He even lets strangers rub his head now! The first few days after his operation he was very aggressive and I was concerned about this so I took him to a different vet who gave him an anti-inflamatory injection as the vet thought he might have been in pain and he calmed right down after that. It did take a couple of weeks for his hormones to settle properly though.
Good luck I'm sure Madden will be a little love bug (even more than he already is) before long.
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When we got Huggy Neutered after the hormones had left his system he did calm down a lot (PHEEWWWW). He still has his moments but hes a much more stable cat.
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I got my cat long after he was nuetered and I could hardly go near his belly with out getting attacked. We have had him for about two months now and we can pet his belly for a little bit before he gets up and leaves when he is done.
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Thanks so much! That makes me feel much beter!
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I think there is something about cats with ginger fur that just makes them more hyper in general - all the ones I have met are... but Bumper was way worse before being spayed and would bite you just for walking past him and NOT petting him - but if you pet him he got over stimulated easily
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