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Cats left alone

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Sometimes I feel like I leave my cats alone for too long while I'm at work and school. They have a bunch of toys to play with, but I know they get bored easily. How long do you guys usually leave your cats alone? Also, are there any special toys you leave out to entertain them while you're gone? (My cats have the catsitter DVD, a million furry mice, and some jingly balls to bat around)
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Sounds like they shouldn't be bored at all. Cat condos are good, if you want them to be really active www.felinefurniture.com has great condos that are also kitty gyms. Installing cat ramps and window perches, feeding the birds outside their windows and just creating interesting diversions on the floor prior to leaving for work is always good. Empty cardboard boxes, telephone books with catnip between the pages, tunnels made from blankets and pillows. They can pretty much keep themselves fairly busy with a little help from you.
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My cats seem to spend most of the time I'm not home sleeping, and save their energy for playing, climbing their cat tree etc. for us. I also think your cats are just fine.
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Ours are left from about 8a.m. until about 4p.m. I suspect they sleep for quite a lot of that time. In fact, when my OH was at home the other day while I was at work, he said they did indeed sleep all day. They only woke up when they heard my car coming along the lane & realised it must have been teatime!
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Harley has a whole bunch of toys and a kitty condo as well to keep him busy while me and John are at work all day during the week from 8AM til 5PM - whenever I'm home from work, he really does sleep all day! I know he keeps himself busy while I'm gone tho, there's plenty of him to get into!
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Well I called myself getting Murphy for Chichi to keep her company when i am gone, yeah that worked really well she does'nt like Murphy too much But I do think thst he entertains her at the least LOL. She does put up with his kitten-ness but as far as playing, cuddling

As far as special things I do for them:

I always leave the shade up, so they can watch the cars and birds
I always leave the TV on so they can watch TV ( yes Murphy watches TV)
I fold my nice, plush bath towels up into quarters so they always have a clean, soft, comfty bed to lay on.
There are plenty of safe toys for them to play with.

Not too extreme, but silly nonetheless
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There are two days every week where mine two babies get left home from 8AM to around 7PM with the exception of my 90-minute lunch break. Otherwise, I'm pretty much there during the day, but I DO feel bad about those two days. But my cats have pretty mcuh everything a cat could ever want
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My 6 cats are left in charge of the house every weekday from 8am through 4pm. While I'm at work & while my daughter is in school!

They take care of the place pretty well; don't throw any wild parties or invite any strangers in. They have plenty of vertical space to play & run in and on, and lots of toys, cat trees & scratchers to keep them busy. I think.

By the time we come home, Dusty's waiting by the basement door, Hammie's heading down the steps and Snickers & Zorro are waiting patiently at the top of the stairs for us. Jess & KC just sorta hang out in their spots til they feel like greeting us. They never, ever get bored.

They have plenty of toys... mice... birdies... catnip socks... balls... (Hammie plays fetch) and the like.

No worries, cats don't get lonely. Even back when I was a 2-cat household, ions ago, the girls kept each other company & didn't seem bored!
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