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Hanging out with older siblings

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Now, I'm no kid (I'm 34), but I was just thinking of when I was little and even not so little, and the coolest thing in the world was hanging out with my older siblings. (I have one brother who's 42, one who's 44, sisters 46 and 47, and another brother who's 49, plus a little brother and sister.) My brother Matt used to feed us all kinds of good junk food. One time, he gave me Doritos when I got home from the hospital after having my tonsils out 'cause he felt sorry for me. His heart was in the right place, anyway.

Who else out there loved hanging out with their older brothers and sisters? Or, conversely, who out there was kind enough to let your little brothers and sisters hang out with you?
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I didn't have any siblings growing up...I have 2 half brothers now but they weren't around when I was younger.
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Originally Posted by menagerie mama
I didn't have any siblings growing up...I have 2 half brothers now but they weren't around when I was younger.
Aw ...
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I have 4 younger step-siblings. Not all have lived with me at once. We don't really get along. At times one of them and I would get along. It's never lasted though.
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I have three younger brothers and we are not close.

Brother #1 is a misogynistic serial adulterer.

Brother #2 is an illiterate, tobacco-chewing numbskull.

Brother #3 is a drunken, drug-addled habitual criminal (currently in prison - AGAIN).

Its hard to believe that all four of us were raised in the same house, by the same parents.
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I have one brother, eight years older. I was 'cute' until I could walk and talk, and then I was an interloper. But I worshipped my brother. I wanted to do things with him, and go places with him. And there were times when he just couldn't duck. Later -- mmmmmmmmmmuch later -- he confessed to having tried on many of those occasions to 'lose' me -- didn't work.

(We're fine now. We don't live in each other's pockets -- which is probably a good thing -- and short intense periods of contact work well for us, coupled with sporadic email and phone contact.)
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1 older brother.. 22 yrs old. He acts like a 2 yr old though.. he needs to grow up =) We get along alright and will ahve loads of fun, depending on his additude. Some days are fun, others are not so much.

1 younger sister, 15 yrs old. She needs to smarten up.. she runs away alot. Took off today after school actually.. after just getting home after taking off for 4 days.

1 younger sister, 11 yrs old. she's alright other than wanting to go with me to my friends places..

They are all half brother adn sister, though we ahve all been together since we were born.Though I haven't gotten along with them very well other than the sisters.. now only the youngest one.

Though I remember once with my brother, we ate two boxes of ice cream one night.. what idiots we were. Sick all day the next day .
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When I was a teen ager, I was often together with my 3-4 years older cousins. My sister is 8 years younger than me, and she is definately my best female friend.
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I have a sister 23, 2 years older than me and we haven't lived together since she was 16 and I was 13/14 and because of this we get on so well. I love her so much, warts and all and I'd do anything for her. She's recently moved up from Nottingham to Scotland to live with my Mum, after years of us all trying to get her to do this she finally gave in. It's amazing having her here, makes me realise what Ive missed out on all these years.
When we were younger I felt so cool if she let me do stuff with her and her friends, they were all so grown up.
I have step brother (now 15) and step sister (17) they live with my mum too. My step sis comes out with me all the time, she has always looked up to me, since I moved in with them. She used to stare at me while I did my make up etc. She's a great laugh now.
My big sister and I also have a half brother (3) and half sister (5) who adore us. My Dad jokes about Georgia hero worshipping us. Whenever we go to stay they just get so excited, apparently they are sad for days after we leave. I think it's adorable. I can't wait until they are a bit older and I can do cool stuff with them, or they are able to come up and visit me on their own. Although I love the age they are just now they are brilliant.
(yes I do have a messed up family incase anyones wondering how there are so many of us lol )
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We went through phases of hanging out together, when we were young all 3 of os were inseparable but as we got into our teenage years we spent more time with a pair of us and one being on the outside. Now we call each other all the time but none of us live anywhere near the others so we don't get to see each other much
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I'm the youngest of my family and the only daughter. I'll be 41 this July and my brothers are as follows:

Oldest will be 54 this year; he lives three blocks and three million emotional miles away from me thanks to the ugly nasty bi-atch he's married to. We haven't spoken since my mom's funeral nearly two years ago when his lady wife made a scene in front of my dad that I'll never forgive her for. The only excuse I can make for this brother is that he's done a lot of drugs, both in his youth and later. LOL

Next one will be 51 this year; he lives 875 miles away, in the next town from my dad. We're the "straight arrows" of the family; he's a CPA and probably sleeps in his tie. LOL We're not particularly close, but if I needed help, he's the person I would call (after my dad).

Next one will be 49 this year; he lives with my dad for the time being, 875 miles away. As far as being close, this is the brother I have spent the most time with and shared the most emotionally with, although it doesn't go both ways because he's an alcoholic and very secretive.

Next one will be 43 this year; he lives about 700 miles from me. We fought like Kilkenny cats when we were growing up, which may be why we are polite but not too close today. He is also an alcoholic, though, so that doesn't help.

I was never much for 'hanging out' with my brothers, being the little priss that I was. LOL However, I did get a few of their hand-me-downs, sparking what has become a lifelong devotion to oversized sweatshirts.
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i never had brothers or sisters
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My sister and I were too close in age.....we "hung out" together, but it was more of a peer relationship than anything else. My little brother, though, is six years younger than me. I used to make a point of occasionally taking him with me when I went out to lunch or dinner, or a movie, etc. Sometimes it would be just the two of us, sometimes my sister would come, sometimes I'd take him along when I went out with friends. I found that it made him more receptive and obedient when I would take care of him after school, because he didn't feel like I didn't want to be around him. Also, it gave me time to develop a relationship with him outside of the house, so I could ask him to do things for me without having to listen to the "you're not my mom!" arguement.
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Originally Posted by fwan
i never had brothers or sisters
Don't sweat it, honey, have one of mine. I'll pay you to take the ******* away. LMAO
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My brother's 8 years older than me and he's always been great! We never had any of those sibling rivalries and very rarely fought about anything. Now he and his wife and a couple of my best friends. We both want each other totally involved in our lives and I love him mroe than anything! I think having a large gap between siblings is a great thing.
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I have one 6 years younger sister, I don't remember her ever trying to really "tag along" with me very much.... You'd think with it just being us we'd be a little closer, but we go through stages, I suppose its because we really don't have much in common
I also have an older half-brother that I have not seen in 10 years, but then again I didn't see him very much growing up either
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