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Cupid's little oPAL

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I got Opal several weeks ago, but it's been rough. Now it's finally semi-normal around here and I feel like I can finally celebrate her arrival!

You can see more about the journey here.

She meows a lot!

But she finally got to where she can stay still, calm down, relax and snuggle. Now she wants to do nothing BUT snuggle! (and eat)

Cupid wanted to play right from the start (well, after a bit of hissing on his part), but she's not quite ready for all that.

She is patient with him, but she'll definitely let him know when he's gone too far!

The whole series of these photos and story to go with them can be found here: clicky
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I told you, she likes to snuggle.

And eat. Cupid's food...when she's done with her own.

She has had a great adventure exploring, but now she's getting used to everything.

I thought she'd look cute and be comfy...she thought I strapped a brick to her back, so I took it off.

Even though they aren't laying on each other yet, they can get pretty close and be fine!

Here's a short (very short; I had a bunch of pictures on my camera already when I decided to take it ) video clip of them playing a couple days after they met. click here

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so glad to hear she's finally settled in!
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They are both so adorable!!!! I just love all the pictures you posted of them. Please give Cupid and Opal a hug from their Aunt Carla.

I am so happy for you and your furless family!!! I want MORE PICTURES!!!!
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Cute! I love her sweater!!!
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I am glad Opal is finally settling in !
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Those are great pics of Opal..I've never seen a really close up one until now...she has such cute little freckles! ..I love your siggy btw..did you design it?
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Thanks, everyone!
Ahem, Carla, I want to see more pictures of your babies!

I'm so glad Opal is settling in too. I didn't think it would happen, but she has turned into a completely different cat since I brought her home.

I love her freckles too, Tracy! And thanks. Yes.

I have one more...they actually slept together yesterday. Cupid was already laying there and Opal wanted to lay down so I put her under there with him, and to my surprise, she stayed! They didn't touch and get all cuddly together, but it's progress!

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Looks like they are progressing just great! That is such wonderful news. They will work it all out, and the next time it gets a little chilly I'll bet they will snuggle together!
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I love them both! I'm so pleased that things are settling - as you know!!

Opal looks so cute in Cupid's lilac jumper!! I can just picture how she reacted to it!!
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What a pretty little girl miss Opal is!!
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I love the new picture!!!

Opal and Cupid are so adorable!!!!
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I thought she'd look cute and be comfy...she thought I strapped a brick to her back, so I took it off.

Love that pic!!!!
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