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Help - cats not getting along!

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Hi everyone - great site, I'm learning tons!

I have a question I'd love to have some help on, as it's very upsetting. Sorry if this post is kind of long.

Cat background:
Jubilee (male) & Rogue (female) (yes, named after X-men!!) are both 13. They aren't littermates but have grown up together since they were babies. Very very close.
Rain (female) is my husband's cat, she's about 7-8 years old, not the brightest kitty but sweet as can be.
Tucker (male) is our baby - he's 3 years old, extremely playful. Loves the other cats to death. Rogue hates him, Rain tolerates him and Jubilee almost lets him snuggle near him.

Every time my hubby & I go on vacation for the past 3 years, our 4 cats are distributed the same way: 3 cats - Rain, Rogue & Tucker - stay in our house, and our neighbor comes over a couple of times a day to feed, water & shower affection on them. Our oldest cat, Jubilee, who is definitely the cat in charge, stays with my parents, because he has a difficult diet and has to be fed several times a day.

My parents have no other pets, and Jubilee, Rogue & I all lived in the house for several years, so they are very familiar with the smell. They love my parents, who spoil them rotten.

Anyway, when we brought Jubilee home from my parents house, the other cats freaked out - started hissing and swatting at Jubilee like they didn't know him. He was only gone a week - he's been separated much longer from the other 3 and they have NEVER reacted like this. Tucker has never hissed at anything in his life, and he goes insane when Jubilee is near. Rogue keeps hissing & growling too, and she and Jubilee were super tight. Jubilee wasn't exposed to any other animals, the outside, etc.

Anyone have any ideas/helpful hints???
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Hi and welcome to TCS! I only have one cat, so I can't be much help, but I believe I have read here about putting vanilla on them so they smell the same. Why don't you do a forum search on vanilla?

Hopefully someone with more experince will be along shortly!
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