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Bike riding

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I have been looking at the thrift ads for a good bike that I can buy. Now that the weather is nicer, I like to go bike riding. Does anyone else bike ride? Here, the most common bike are the mountain bikes. Its been a while since I've been on a bike so when I get it, I need to get use to it. Then, I will be going everyday. Take my bike to work and school. The buses have racks where I can take the bike. When I really learn how to use it, I'd like to go up the canyons. Some parts of Salt Lake have tons of hills.
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I don't ride a bike, never have. But hubby has a Cannondale Mountain bike that he loves. If you can find one in a thrift shop I am sure you'll enjoy riding it.

Its a good form of excercise too!
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I'm buying one in the next couple of months. I have NO idea what to look for. So I'm no help!
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You should go to some pawn shops and look for bikes there. You should be able to find a good deal.

Also if there is an REI in your area they offer a lifetime return policy on bikes. I dated someone who decided he didn't want the bike, after a few years and they gave him credit towards the purchase of a new bike.
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I would LOVE to have a bike again. I used to ride mine all day, everyday when I was younger, then my younger sister broke it. I would get one now, but I live in a condo, and there is no where to put it except under the stairs in the back of the building, and I'm afraid that someone might take it. Hopefully someday, hubby and I will get some so we can go riding on the trails.
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I don't ride but I had a nice diamondback that I sold for 60 bucks last summer. Brian is the biker rider out of us. He has a Specialized that he sunk a lot of money into. I like to get into riding but I'm afraid I'd fall off and hit my head. Ow!
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gee, thats what i need to do. i should take advantage of this warm weather. thanks for the idea!

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