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Delta Albaplex?

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Dr. Hendrix gave me some Delta Albaplex yesterday to help get rid of the infection in Mitten's bladder. What I found on the web was that it was for upper respiratory I guess it can be used for other things too....Has anyone given their cats (or dogs) this medicine? Is it available in a liquid form?
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Anyone use this before?
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I am not familiar with it. Have you done a google search on it?
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Who makes it ... I will gladly search.. Santa didnt get me the veternary pdr
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I am not really sure. His pills are given to me in little plastic bags. He will be on them for another 14 days to finish up fighting the infection! He went pee in his box again today YAY!
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Yeee yippy Mittens keep it up

I will google later
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Way to "go" Mittens.
Originally Posted by caprice
He went pee in his box again today YAY!
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try that link ... looks interesting
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Thanks. It seems to work for all infections apparently. He's doing so much better He is using his box about 90% of the time now.
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