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Percy AGAIN!!!

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Would you believe he was home for 2 days and now he's gone AGAIN??? I feel like I'm on an emotional roller coaster with this cat!

The last time I saw him was last Tuesday or Wednesday.

All your vibes worked last time, everyone......could I beg some again???
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O no Percy! What are you doing to your meowmy? Quit scaring her (and us)
Now get back home this instant!

Many come home vibes coming your way
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You poor thing! I don't blame you for being worried. Sending vibes that Percy comes home (and stays home) soon!
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I would be a complete basket case. Mega vibes and prayers for Percy to come home and STAY there! Percy, be a good little kitty and stop worrying your meowmy so much.
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Percy!!! Come back, you're worrying your meowmy!!! Were you able to get him chipped before this vacation?
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If Percy comes back home, tie a rope around his neck and tie him to the porch. Seriously, I couldn't take that kind of torment. Have you ever considered some type of confinement for him? Our cats are outside and we have what is called the cat fence in system. It works very well for us and our cats. They are safe and we don't have to worry where they are. Now, PERCY, you come home so we can quit worrying about you.
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Maybe the TNR people are trying to rehome him.
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Any update?
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Originally Posted by chichismom
Any update?
He's still not home. As much as I enjoy helping the strays/ferals in our area, I have a terrible habit of becoming attached to them and worrying when they disappear. I do believe I am finished with outdoor cats, after this ordeal.
Of course, if someone dumps a cat or kittens out here, I won't be able to turn my back on them, though.
I did call the local TNR, and yes, they remembered Percy. She was apologizing, they thought he was a stray in the feral colony and they tipped his ear for visual sightings. I laughed and told her not to worry about it. She knows me from talking at a couple of pet adoptions, so we chatted for awhile on the phone.
They aren't trapping again in the area this soon, but if she sees Percy, she will definitely let me know.
Some sort of enclosed area may be the only way to go with this guy. He obviously likes to travel, even neutered, and there are just way too many threats out here!
Percy and I are going to have a long sit-down when/if he shows back up at home, naughty boy!
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Thanks for the update . I had a stray that I looked after when i was younger. His name was Bobby. I was at most,11 or 12, so sorry he was never nuetered but he would occasionally disapear for days, even a couple of weeks at one time. I just knew he was gone. It was about 2 weeks after i had came to that conclusion, that I came home from a friends house, and my Dad said I had a visitor, it was Bobby!!!!! We had a shotgun house at the time he was all the way in the kitchen, when I opened the front door he came running at me and leaped into my arms like a child missing his mommy, it was very beautiful. He was VERY filthy, and skinny, but he was so handsome to me

Sorry, I kinda got off track there, I just wanted you to know never give up hope. I hope that the bad boy comes home ASAP. The enclosure sounds like a great idea! Have you seen Hissy's? It is really COOL!
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Does the TNR group have a record of where they trapped him before? He may have gone to the same area. You might check with the homes between the two areas also. Since he was in good shape after being gone for a month, it sounds like he may have another "home" or be mooching off the colony's food.
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Originally Posted by RoseHawke
Does the TNR group have a record of where they trapped him before? He may have gone to the same area. You might check with the homes between the two areas also. Since he was in good shape after being gone for a month, it sounds like he may have another "home" or be mooching off the colony's food.
They trapped him right down the road, by some abandoned barns. There are only about 4 houses on this whole 4 miles stretch of road. You could be right about him mooching off the colony's food. (Pain in the butt, he gets plenty of food here.) I think that he was in such good shape because they had him at the shelter, holding him while they completed the spays and neuters of the other colony cats. Pretty good lodging in exchange for a clipped ear, the little booger.

I'll take a drive down the road and poke around a bit. The neighbors are all farmers, I doubt any of them are going to take the time to feed a stray cat, but I could be wrong.

As always, my worries are the coyotes and wild dogs that roam the area.
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Oh no Percy!!, sending many return home vibes!!
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Any news?
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percy come home right this instant sending prayers for his safe return home.
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Still nothing.
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Prayers for his safe return. My heart truly goes out to you. Although Will is home from his 8 day excursion, I still almost can't believe it. I hope Percy comes home to you soon, too.
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Bugaboo, what is this cat fence-in outside enclosure that you mentionned in one of your posts? I'd really like to get some info on it. Thanks for any help.

Also, Moo cat (a stray that we adopted) was missing for five weeks last spring during some of the worst weather imaginable, and miraculously, he just appeared, waiting by the back door on Palm Sunday. Strangely, too, another really cute black and white older kitten began appearing on our porch a few days before Moo returned. As it turned out, our neighbor was feeding Moo and even built a house for him.

I, too, was worried sick, driving around, looking for Mooie everywhere, and thinking that some old plastic white and black garbage bags could have been him lying on the side of the road. I also thought that he might have found his way back to his real owner. Funny, though, that he was no farther than a neighbor's house during those long five weeks!
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Oh no! I'm just now finding this thread - Any updates on Percy!?

I really hope you find him soon - or that he comes home very very soon!

I would be worried sick if I were you as well, sending "Come Home Soon" vibes to you and Percy!
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Put a collar and id tag on him? May help if someone else finds
or is feeding him... GPS tracker too, LOL! I am sending good
vibes to you. Maybe the enclosure and finally a move indoors is in order?

Hugs and vibes for his return
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I have seen no signs of Percy anywhere. We're at over 2 weeks again here already.
A call to the local TNR program gave me the location of their trapping areas, which I checked out. No Percy. I went down the road in both directions and checked around the barns and grain bins. No Percy. I've even checked all the ditches, to be sure he didn't get hit by a car. Nothing.
If he comes back, I can assure you, he's going to find himself wearing a collar with an i.d. tag and we've already started thinking about building that enclosure. Really, there is one in the barn that just needs some repair. I guess the people who lived here before used it for their dog or something, but it would make a perfect cat enclosure.
Still keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks for the thoughts and vibes, everyone!
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Come home Percy. When he does, I am glad to hear you are going to have an enclosure for him. You won't be sorry as it will save you many hours of worrying.
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Oh, Percy, please come home! You have no idea how much you are wanted and loved at home! Prayers that he is safe, and just having a little adventure!
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