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A chance to go to Italy

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One of the graduates of our high school has offered to pay the way for a sister to join a pilgrimage to Italy in May. The trip would include visits to Rome, Assisi, Florence and a couple of cities in Northern Italy. So, if we're interested in going we can put our names in for a drawing. I was just there on a similiar trip in 2004, so I don't think it's fair to put my name in.

Okay, the real reason I'm not going to try for the trip is because I'll miss the cats too much. When we went two years ago, I just had Katie and Gracie and leaving them was hard enough. I actually did pretty good until we
took the train to Florence and saw a elderly woman with a black cat in a carrier. After that, I kept seeing cats everywhere. I enjoyed the rest of the trip, but couldn't wait to get home. When we did, I left all my bags in the car and ran for the front door. Gracie met me in the hallway and I pretty much just collasped on the floor crying and holding her as she purred and licked my face. Katie was mad at me for leaving her and wouldn't let pet her at first.

Would anybody else pass up a trip like this to stay home with the kitties, or am I completely crazy?
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We are going to sicily next month but for a few days, i will miss my kitties too much though
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I find it very hard to leave at Thanksgiving every year. Each year it gets harder and harder to leave them. I would find it very hard to leave for that length of time.
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If I'd already been there, and found that I worried too much about the kitties, I'd pass on it and thus raise the chances of somebody who hasn't been there.
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i think it would depend on how long the trip was... i went to italy for a week+ in 2001, & did fine w/o the cats, but my sister, who i was visiting, had a cat... that helped me not miss them as much. but a long trip, like over 2 weeks - i'd have to think about that really hard! especially if i had already visited the area.
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Hi Eileen! Can I go in your place then! .......... Just kidding!.......

Good Decision!!!...I think maybe I took the same desicion in your place! ...

BTW:.....At last I could to see at the LOVELY Claire in your siggy! ..
thanks for added her!
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I went away mid december last year and I missed my cats WAY too much!
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I wouldn't go on a long trip because I would miss my babies and worry about them too much.
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I think that's really good of you to not want to take away someone else's chance of going!

We don't ever go anywhere any more, because we worry about "the boys" too much. I think a 3 night vacation is the longest we'll be having anytime soon.
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I am much the same way. I think it also depends on how comfortable I am with the caregiver I left them with and if all of them are healthy and younger in age. We would often take a trip in the spring and again in the fall. The older I get, the more paranoid I am that something is going to happen. Then they became just Fall trips. I don't even go more than a day's drive away usually so I would be close if I was needed at home. I need therapy.
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Ok, now I'm going to go read the thread...

EDIT: Ok, read the thread. Dig up my picture thread. This will inspire you to find someone trustworthy to watch the kittens. Don't let this pass you by.

Tommorow I have a meeting with someone on campus to see if I'll be able to teach English in Florence this summer!
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I think it's really nice of you to let someone else have the opportunity.
Rome is a lovely city.
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I'd pass it up. So if you are crazy, then you are not alone!
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I am much more reluctant to go away now than I was when we had Molly. With Molly we had someone that would move in when we were away and would spoil her rotten. We always missed her, but would never worry.

Abby is a much more nervous cat than Molly. She doesn't like it when we leave. The first time we went away, she didn't eat for the weekend and pulled chunks of her fur out. Since we have moved, it's not practical for our friend to stay here any more. When we go away, I normally arrange for 2 people to stop in at various times. She seems to be a bit more comfortable when we go away.

If I had never been to Italy before, I think I would make the effort to go, but since you have been, I think you made the right decision.
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Thanks for understanding! I hope someone else is able to go. I know of two of the sisters who are interested but they work in schools and can't get the time off in May.
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Eileen I understand how you feel as I hate being away from our cats too. It's nice that you are giving someone else a chance also.

I also want to say it is lovely to see Peter and Claire in your signature - you have 4 lovely animals there.
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Originally Posted by Yosemite
Eileen I understand how you feel as I hate being away from our cats too. It's nice that you are giving someone else a chance also.

I also want to say it is lovely to see Peter and Claire in your signature - you have 4 lovely animals there.
Thank you so much! That's very sweet of you to say. I have to admit, seeing them all together like that makes me feel pretty proud!
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