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DT for Tuesday

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Feels like we need a jump-start around here this morning!

My daughter spent the weekend at her father's, so I didn't have to get up early yesterday morning. Today, the alarm clock went off at 8:00. She's supposed to be at school about 8:15. I couldn't believe it! Apparently when I reset the time on the clocks, I reset the alarm too! Unbelievable. And of course I had to try to explain to the school why she was late, talk about feeling foolish . . .

However, I dreamed I was dating Toby Zeigler from The West Wing. Not the actor, the character. Very odd. Not my usual taste at all! lol

Sunny but cool here, which will make for a nice drive up to the Apple store to replace my troublesome power cord.
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It's a beautiful spring day on my side of the Rocky Mountains! The sun is out and it's gonna' be warm!

Nothing going on here today, just work... and laundry. Lots of laundry ~ I don't know how I got so far behind! My allergies are just now starting up, so I'm going to have to get into the doctor soon to get some Claritin, or SOMETHING. And I have a dentist appointment next week I'm not at ALL looking forward to, although they've got lots of drugs ready for me to keep me relatively calm!

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!
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Gorgeous on this side of the Rockies, too!

Nothing much going on for me today. Even work is slow. I'm still trying to adjust to the time change. *Yawn* For some reason I'm just not doing well with it this time. Trent still can't figure out why I'm going to bed and getting up so darn early! He thinks that treat and play time should be at 11:00 pm now. Ophelia just goes with the flow. It takes a lot to disrupt that little girl.

Hope everyone has a great day!
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Warm and sunny, here. The wind, finally, died down. Our pollen and mold counts are low, but particulates are wreaking havoc on people's sinuses. Swing shift, again but I slept later, this AM. Opie is, even up and around. I can hardly wait 'til Thursday - my four-day weekend AND payday.
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Hey! I don't have to drive up to the Apple store - my replacement part arrived via Airborne Express. I wasn't expecting that! It's a good thing, saves gas and frees me up to take a typing test at UTA this afternoon. Cool.
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PA is beautiful right now. We're going to have a windy day, but a warm week. I have never seen the daffodils bloom so beautifully. I love Spring!
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Haven't been able to be on the site much. My computer crashed yesterday and I just got it back today. Plus they have been drowning me here a work; jeesh, it's either draught or flood! But I wanted to pop my head in and tell everyone high and that I miss all of ya'll. Things should be back to normal in a couple of days and I will be on here everyday like I used to. I'm going through TCS withdrawl
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Feast or famine...it's been like that every office I've ever worked at. Sometimes I even feel guilty for getting paid to sit here on this site all day. Well, maybe not!
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Such a warm day out. Too bad I didn't get to enjoy it. At work we offically started the air conditioner for the first time this year! Yea!

Work is getting so busy now. I guess everyone wants to make sure their pals are all set for winter. The new babies at work are doing great. One of the kittens already has half of one of his eyes opened and they're only a week today!

After work I practiced some more driving. Mmm... Just to make things a little clearer no I don't have my license and I'm almost 20. Very loooong story but I'm going for my road test on Thursday and I'm already feeling the butterflies gather.

My dog who just last week developed Demodex mange(Not the contagious type.) and even though she had treatment it's spreading now to her feet and neck where it was only on her face and back. It's a problem with her immune system not being able to fight this off and why at age 6(almost 7) she developing this now is worrying me. Her doctor said it could be brought on by stress but nothing has changed in her life and she is wicked spoiled. This leads me to think it's a physical stress and something else may be wrong and thus causing her to break out.

Next week when she goes in for another treatment I'm thinking of having an immune panel(blood test) done to see if her immune system is functioning properly. I swear this dog is going to give me an ulser. Poor Natala.

Well dinner is almost done(Mexican pizza Mmmmmm!!) so I'll wrap this up. Have a good night all!!
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My day got off to a rocky start. I was soooo tired that when my alarm went off this morning at 7:30, I reset and went back to bed!! I have to catch an 8:15 bus, and I didn't wake up until 8:45. I was over an hour late for work. Good thing I'm the boss! The rest of my day was okay. Nice weather. It was overcast this morning, but the sun began to shine in the afternoon, warming it up a bit. Now I'm off for two days....so I'm relaxed. Have a good night everyone!
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Figured I would pop in and say hi. I have about 3 more minutes until It's Wed here! I am up delivering kittens. She just had #4 and I think she has #5 to go. It's been a long evening, so I think I will be sick tomorrow My other kitty was due on Monday too, so I am watching her like a hawk. Hopefully she decides it's time during the day!! I will have to post pics tomorrow. I am off to check on the girl again
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Baby kitties! Oh yay! Can't wait for your pics! Hope it's going well.
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Sandie, I am so envious! I will miss the excitement. I think I will have to get in touch with a breeder. I can't stand the thoughts of no more kittens now that Precious had to be spayed.
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