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weaning kittens

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hi at last banshee had her kittens on the 1st decemeber 2005 so now they are 5 wks on thrusday am i right to start weaning them on to kitten food and how do i go about it? please help as this is her first litter
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5 weeks is a good time to introduce them to solid foods as well as the litter box. Momma cat will pretty much show them what they need to do, but I start them off with warmed chicken or turkey meat baby food. I use a flat dish (saucer, not bowl) and most of the time, they take right to it. If you have a little trouble getting them to eat, don't worry about it, some kittens take a little longer than others getting the hang of it.

I try to make sure I feed them in a place where it is easy to clean up because at first, they walk through it, they roll in it, they make a horrible mess. *grin* Gotta love kittens.

Once you have introduced them to the food, you must also introduce them to the litter. Have a box nearby but not too close to where you are feeding them and when they are through eating (and after the frenzy of washing that will take place) gently place a kitten in the litter and observe. Most will start to scratch and dig immediately. Just make sure to use regular clay litter, not scooping, and watch them to intervene if they start to eat it (and they ~will~ try to eat it). Don't worry too much about them eating a little bit, normally they get a mouthfull and then spit it right back out again.

Good luck and let us know how it goes!

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You can also visit http://www.kitten-rescue.com/weaning.html for more tips.
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thanks the kittens started the litter tray when they was 4wks old so i got that sorted it was just weaning them wot do i do cos mom wots to feed them all the time do i stop her or wot?
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No, she'll begin to teach them about eating when she's ready. Offer her kitten food as well in the kitten area so they see her eat and begin to have a go themselves.
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When I weaned the kits, I use a small plate (paperplate works well) and put a spoonful or two of canned food (kitten) and add warm water to it - enough to make it a little soupy.

Then I either take each kitten and put a little on my finger and get them to taste it or line them up and gently push their face in the food - they will sit back and lick it off.

A few days of doing this, they will catch on - you may have some that just go for it and some that want no parts for a few days.

I do keep mom out of the area till the kits get some food; otherwise she eats it all. After 2 weeks and the kits eating well on their own, we add some dry food to the mixture.

Let the kits stay with mom till they are 10-12 weeks old - at first they will still want to nurse more then eat on their own, so you don't want to ban mom completely
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ok thanks for your help
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Another thing is to keep mom indoors and away from intact males until she is spayed.

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