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Good days & bad days?

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I was so incredibly happy yesterday. I made a breakthrough with my dog. My family adopted her in Aug. 2004 & she has been trouble ever since. I have been working hard with her as she is aggressive towards my little sister. She asked my little sis for a pet yesterday! She has never been able to approach her nicely before. I went to Country Pets, the small not-so-nice pet store sort close to me. I needed more Gerbil supplies. I always walk through to look at the food & there in front of me was INNOVA EVO!!! I drove all the way to Mankato(60 miles) looking for it & no one there has it. Here this guy near me has it. Someone asked him to order it. I guess he is going to stock it now. I am thinking I should ask him if he can get Nutro pouches for me. My best friend my senior year in High School was the German foreign exchange student. She mailed me my Christmas gift a long time ago & I still hadn't gotten it yet. It arrived yesterday with German chocolate & Haribo gummy bears! They are my favorites!

Now today, someone(Lily) ran off with one of my slippers so my feet are cold. Classes start tomorrow & I just realized I don't have a backpack. I can't find my books. Instead of doing anything about it, I decided to come here. Since coming here, I realized that I missed an appt. to get the oil changed in the truck this morning! I made a new one for this afternoon. They told me they had someone's car break down & that they didn't have time for me this morning anyway. The day is starting to look better. At least I get to help out tonight. I am going to the HS to volunteer & I am going to eat at teh Ranch Restuarant. A portion of every check goes to help out a local charity.

Ever had one day be super-wonderful & the next look bleak?
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Story of my life, hon!
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