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I need assistance from the Europeon TCS'rs

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Well I presented by idea of an European holiday to DH.
Being an accountant he wants more details. One biggie is that I have to change direction of the route I had planned and instead of flying into London first we will be flying into Germany first. I haven't talked to the travel agent yet but which is a better city to fly into Germany??? Frankfurt?? (then I can see Fwan!!)
As DH is a WWII buff we are visiting sites to include at least once concentration camp-don't know which one yet though. And we will be renting a car-he is worried about not being able to read the road signs. We would then progress to Belgium, France ending up near Caen and then proceed by ferry (I think) to the UK so we can attend the Hampton Court Flower show and see a bit of London before flying back to the US. Timing will be last week of June and 1st week of July. So any suggestions would be appreaciated!!
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Frankfurt is a good city to fly into. Regarding the road signs, I would recommend getting a book or pamphlet (maybe AAA has them) to familiarize yourself. Some of them are initially tricky, especially those indicating the right-of-way. At least, I found them to be. But stop and yield are the same. In Germany, the road signs indicate direction by city. If You're going to Munich, for instance, you often have to know the cities and towns that are between you and Munich. I hope that makes sense. My husband and I drove from Stuttgart to Caen and found France pretty easy to drive through, but their highways are(were?) toll roads and it got pricey. And I would recommend a stop in Rouen. I really enjoyed that city. And Mont-St-Michel is a nice day trip, although really crowded.

In short, I hope the information I offered is still relevent. We moved from Stuttgart over a year ago.
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Yes you should fly into frankfurt (i am only 10 minutes away by train to the airport) You could also fly to Munich, but i think all american lines fly to frankfurt.
I can take you on a little tour here
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As previously said, you are welcome to stay with me at Clecy, South of Caen. I shall be there from late June. From there you can see the WW11 beachheads and memorials, and ferries go every day and night to Portsmouth in the UK (5-7 hours crossing).
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Frankfurt has the big international airport, and is close to Belgium, but... I personally think that Munich is far more worthwhile (fabulous museums, churches, the Hofbräuhaus, Glockenspiel, etc.,), plus it has the added attraction of being close to Dachau concentration camp, and Salzburg, Austria (think a medieval fortress, Mozart, cloisters, the cathedral, and the Alps, all in "Mozart Year"). Time allowing, you could drive westward over Stuttgart (not much to see, IMO, but conveniently located), stay with us, and then go see Fran, before going on to Belgium.
The traffic signs are basically symbols, and easily learned. The tricky part is driving in towns, and on country roads, because there's a "right before left" law, rather than yield or stop signs, and, as Erin and Seamus pointed out, the smaller roads aren't usually numbered, so you have to plan out a route that shows which towns you should be driving through. That's not a problem with the autobahn. A lot of rental cars are equipped with navigation systems nowadays, too. Any foreign visitors we've had didn't have much trouble driving here. Most cars are manual transmission, though, so if either of you can't drive a stick, please specify that you must have an automatic when making arrangements.
Should you fly into Frankfurt, Cologne is a "must", and right on the way to Belgium.
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Thanks for all the info. I will be contacting the travel agent for some input also.
And also talking with Hubby to try to firm up more plans. I'll keep everyone posted.
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I'm 15 mins away from Heathrow airport

Hope you enjoy your trip!
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