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Sleeping Habits

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How many hours do your cats sleep?

I'm just curious because Seth-chan seems to sleep more and more as she gets older. She's awake in the early morning (4 am) and plays up a storm (usually with my feet). I go back to bed until 9:00 am, we play some more, and then she gets her reward feast (canned food) on schedule! She then lurks in the windows and chases birds until about 1 pm. Then it's nap time. She stays under the couch until 6:00 pm, when my hubby gets home. She usually gets up and gets something to eat and drink, checks him out, and then moves over to her scratching box and passes out until 8:00 pm (she only sleeps there in the evenings). She then wakes up, we have a big playtime, and usually gets in trouble for attacking feet because she doesn't want to stop playing. By 10 or 11 we are in bed!

She used to be awake a lot more often, and I'm wondering if it's very common for a cat to sleep more as they get more comfortable in a home and grow older.
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no one want's to post here?
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i think you should add the...i have too many cats too keep up with everyones sleeping schedule...option lol i bet youd get a lot of votes then lol
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lol that's true didn't think of that :P
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My older kitty (10 months) definitely sleeps more than he used to. He also sleeps more than the younger kitty (8 months). We all wake up in the morning, they get breakfast, and I go to work. I come home from work, they wake up, get lunch, and we hang out. Then I go to school, come home, they wake up, get dinner, and we have playtime. Then we all go to bed. So they're asleep while I'm asleep, but get 2 extra naps during the day. Must be nice!
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Harley has always been a sleeper. He usually sleeps on his big feather pillow with us at night until about 1AM when I usually get up to shut off the TV, and then I do believe he's up playing until who knows when. But when John leaves for work at 5AM, Harley gets up with him, and then when I get up at 7AM, Harley is back sleeping with me. He sleeps til I'm out of the shower & then he sits in the bathroom and plays in the bathtub and watches me get ready- and then I leave for work - and when I come home from work - he is always sleeping on the couch And its the same way when I get home at 5PM too, he's always sleeping on the couch At least its warm for me to sit down!

In the evenings he's pretty playful with us, but he takes at least 2 or 3 cat naps during the evening while we're home, only for like 15-20 min., and then he's up running around terrorizing everything!

The weekends is when he sleeps all day - usually on Sundays he will sleep for about 5 hours straight when we're home. Its so funny because every Sunday I can always find him in the same chair sleeping away. He reminds me of an old man sleeping away in his favorite char. Whats weird is that I only find him sleeping in that chair on weekends!
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