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Cats on TV shows

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Blue Peter a UK childrens TV programme (that has been going for years) has a new pet A Ragdoll Kitten (very cute as well). Just follow the link.

SO what other TV shows around the world have a resident cat, just out of interest.
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You know, I have often wondered about that. I am a closet General Hospital watcher (did I just say that out loud? ) And they had a dog on there for a while, but they don't have many shows with cats, or even animals in general....
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That's true, you don't see pets on these reality shows even.
Except maybe the Osbourne's.
I loved her bulldogs.

I guess animals are hard to work with, but you would think you would see them more.
Maybe then people would start seeing how they are a part of a family.
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Yeah that's true, there's hardly any pets portrayed as a regular part of the family. Seems in tv land, no one has pets.
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Movies and TV shows both, I suspect they're hard to work with. I can imagine it would take a very special kind of cat or other animal to be able to tolerate the subdued chaos that is a movie/TV set, never mind being able to work under such conditions!
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Hail to the good ol' To-To!!

I hope I spelled that right, but you cant really get any better than "wizard of oz" and how they trained that dog. Good doggie.

But, yea, now that I think about it, I havent really seen any Family pets on any TV shows, I think they are too busy with everything else that goes on in tv shows, and it would make us crazy animal people think that they wernt paying enough attention to the pet.

Just my opinion.
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Meet The Barkers! (on MTV)

They have a baby kitten and it looks just like Harley!
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Im a crazy cat person does that count
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I heard Osbourne's had a Ragdoll or Birman as well. My husband and I are both OLTL and GH watchers, it is recorded everyday.
We always watch for Old English Sheepdogs on commercials or movies. There have been so many here lately. Of course, the big shaggy dogs are in full coat and it looks so clean and mat free, and that is not how it works without hours of grooming.
Of course, we can't forget about Salem, the talking cat in Sabrina.
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Not a cat... but "Wishbone" was a favorite of mine when I was little.
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