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cancer treatment and kitty

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My dad has prostate cancer and, at some point, will be getting radioactive seed implantation. He was told that he could not have anyone(like great-grandkids)sitting on his lap after he gets them due to the radioactivity. Well, Opie, the stray who adopted us, likes to sit on his lap, and I was wondering if there is anything I can purchase that Opie could sit on on Dad's lap so HE is not affected by the radioactive seeds. This concerns me a lot, of course. Thought I'd throw this question out here. Surely other people having cancer treatment of this sort have dealt with cats....I hope. Thanks for any help you can give me.
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So sorry! About the only thing you could purchase is a lead apron. Probably not an option. Opie just isn't going to be able to sit in your dad's lap without endangering the cat. Hopefully this will only be a temporary situation, that your dad will get better with treatment, and be able to hold the cat again!
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Your dad may be able to have limited (maybe an hour per day) time with the cat on his lap. One of my cats had radioactive iodine for his thyroid issue, and my instructions were to limit contact rather than avoid it altogether. If Opie is a young cat, then I would probably limit the time even more. Your dad should check with his doctor.

The reason that Opie may be able to have some exposure but grandkids (or great-grankids) can't is that radiation exposure is cummulative. Since cats don't live as long, they receive less exposure over the course of their lives and are less likely to show adverse effects. Again, have your dad check with his doctor specifically about the cat.
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