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Have to vent (for my sister)

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My little sister (18 next month) has a manga style web gallery, has done lot of art for us and is IMHO very talented. Well, for some reason she hasn't been visiting her gallery messages since October. A minute ago she called me, voice shaking: She had recieved a work offer from a US comic book publisher in October, with technical staff to do filling etc. for her, and she never knew!

I do hope they are still interested, even if the original offer is 3 months old. If she missed this opportunity, she'll be so mad to herself. Fingers crossed!
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OMG I will keep my fingers crossed for her! If they really liked her work, hopefully they will keep their offer open. Does she have her gallery online? I'd like to see her work.
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Oh no! Let us know if she gets it!
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Oh my gosh I'd pass out!
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Thanks for the sympathy! Here's some of her work (I didn't link to her gallery, because there might be some personal info there). The first picture is a page of a comic she's drawing, the second is actually a variation of a present to me and my DH, so the original hangs on our wall.

Copyright by my sister. Do not distribute.

On second thought: Mods, is the second picture OK here? I know decency codes are a bit differend in US. Remove it, if you think it's too much.
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Wow amazing artwork!
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