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Our daily thread for Sat March 17th

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Oh boy..another weekend here already!! I have decided I dont want to do anything too draining. The only plans are to do my normal housework and get a few things from the store. Tonight, Rene and Donna are helping me to have a surprise party for hubby. So I am looking forward to spending time with everyone. We will sit and talk about cats and probably do a little gossip about the last cat show. Donna ordered a cake with a picture of hubby on it. It is a good one too. He is sitting on a oversized trike that my dad sent our daughter last x mas. It is going to be a nice day until this evening. I now get excited when its going to be above 40!! Maybe I will wash the car..hehe. I hope everyone is off to a good start this weekend!!!
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A good weekend for me, as it is the beginning of spring break in my school system. I will never be one to turn down a vacation. Looking forward to a hockey game tonight, and hopefully acceptance of the offer I made on a house. It will be good to leave the apartment scene, and this house has a cool little atrium that is already earmaked by me to be my cats' room. Present owner already has a cat and uses the atrium for the same thing! Her baby can go outside, but never get out of this area. Is this karma or what?
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Nice day here.

We went to visit my grandpa and had lunch with him. I was beginning to get a migraine so I took my pill and it pretty much knocked me out...

Then we got back home. All of hubby's brothers (that's 4!) + families came to visit and see their parents (that have just returned from India), but all I did was say a polite hello, get everyone's hugs and hear how sorry they were about the miscarriage and then I went to sleep for 5 hours!

I feel better now, a bit woozy and weak but otherwise fine.

Sandie, I hope you have lots of fun tonight and Deb, I hope you have some good news for us about the house!

Have a great weekend!
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I live in Troy, Michigan and have never owned a cat until I adopted two from the Michigan Humane Society at the end of Oct 2000. I'm really a rookie at cat behavior and sometimes don't have any idea of what these felines are trying to tell me. My long haired girl, Clover, will come sit by my feet and "meow", but not jump into my lap. She loves me to pet her, but always keeps her distance. My other girl, Trixi, is a short-haired calico, declawed whose owner died, and she's quite aloof. I keep hoping that one of these ladies will develop into a lap cat. Any clues as to what's going on here?
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Thanks, Anne! I heard a couple of hours ago that the lady accepted my offer!

The cats don't know it yet, but they are in for a treat! Some things are just meant to be, I guess. This little atrium is going to be so neat for them. I also expect to be doing a lot less litter box scooping. When Squirt used to be indoor/outdoor, he prefered to use outside. He wouldn't go in the box all night long and waited for the morning to go outside.

Have a good day, all!
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Okay..I have to share..hehe. We just went to wal-mart. I decided it was time to get one of the cat gyms for everyone. I ended up getting 2..one for downstairs and one for the room I keep my female and kittens in. Everyone seems to be enjoying them so very much. Right now all 3 8 weeks old kittens are all over it. I think it was a very well spent 30.00!!! Entertainment for the cats and us as well!!!
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Well, when I first awoke with only 5 hours sleep I groggily got out of bed to go the bathroom. Now, because of my disbility I have to hang on to the walls, lest I fall. Well, when I got out of bed this morning, eyes half closed and groggy, I looked down to where I had peeled off my favorite black jeans the night before. And Tiger was just starting to squat IN them, to pee I suppose. Well, in the half awake state of mind I was in I yelled "NO!" and gave him one light swat on the hind quarters.

Well, he took off running and hid under the bed. I say this firmly when I say that I DO NOT think a cat should be swatted or spanked AT ALL for ANY reason, because cats aren't like dogs. It's just something you don't do. And I did it! Well, I immediately felt like a complete s**t.

After using the bathroom and brushing my teeth I was more coherant and the more awake I became the worse I felt. Socrates was already sitting by the bowls awaiting breakfast so I filled both bowls, figuring Tiger would come out from under the bed. He didn't. Not even for food.

Well, for him not to come out even for food just made me feel worse, so I lay on the floor next to the bed and raised the skirt and could see him in the middle, far enough that I couldn't grab him. And he was looking at me with a "I can't believe you spanked me" look and OH, the tears started. I started to cry and apologized profusely and swore I wouldn't ever do it again. I mean, what if he wasn't trying to pee? Then he doesn't know why I swatted him (I went to wash the jeans just in case he had peed a bit, but they were unscathed).

Well, I reached and could just touch his tummy and I rubbed it. I was finally able to pull him out, and I rubbed and kissed and cried and told him I was sorry and that I loved him. He stayed out for a little bit and I went to the bank and back, by which time I could see that he had eaten. But, then I had to take off to come to work and when I left he was hiding under the bed again, something he has NEVER done before.

I am SO upset and depressed right now and feel just COMPLETELY HORRIBLE!!!!! Please, someone tell me, am I over reacting?
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Things like this happen to everyone. We do things out of reaction and then realize what we did. He will eventually forgive you though. Has he ever gone outside the box before? If not, maybe he's developing a urinary tract infection which would explain the jeans and now hiding.
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Actually, yes, Sandie he has gone out of the box. In fact, he peed in the bed next to me about a month ago and he has one other time right near where the jeans were, but I THOROUGHLY cleaned those areas. I can't stand that arcidic pee smell. So, maybe that was it. Should I take him to the vet? Oh great, now I'm worried about him and I'm still at work. teriffic.

By the way, I thought I'd bring this story to you that I just learned of. It's sad, but not a total loss as Max was, but my heart goes out to this little furball. And for those who live in Tenn. here, please sign the petition at this link and read this sad story. Get some hankys. You'll need'em. I did.

I swear, I'm going to become a Pet Vigilante Defender whose motto is An Eye For An Eye. I'll post this in the SOS too. There needs to be more of me to drive the media into a frenzy over stuff like this.

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I haven't been on for awhile but wanted to say hello to everyone. We had a great party for Ken - as usual the evening was filled with cats and cat talk and teasing Ken who had his 40th birthday - everyone managed to get him something mean and embarrasing~hey, what are friends for?

Also, wonderful day - I placed the last of my abused rescued turkish angoras today. All four kitties went to wonderful homes - now I have a blue persian and a torbie American Curl who need homes - the Persian is actually a rescue from the streets - he had to be shaved and he is a bit hissy and untrusting.

Also, have you heard about stomping? That is when sick people in heels and boots kill small animals (including kittens) by stomping on them and take videos? Well, I have a 12 week old Doberman pup that had his foot stomped - all of his knuckles were broken completely through! He is doing well, but will need a family that can take him to the vet weekly for the next six weeks to get his cast off. I hate people.
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Meowman, yeah I wouldnt rush him into the vet on an emergency, but you might want to make an appt to take him in next week or as soon as possible. Males tend to have a higher chance of UTI's. Usually when a cat out of the blue starts to do this, theres a chance.
As for the party, yes it was great. My hubby is so very glad to have such good friends. We got to talk about everything!! It is nice to have friends you can speak your mind to, and they understand. However, I think a bottle of wine was a little too much for me. I do have 2 good excuses though..it was hubbys party AND St patti's day. I hope everyone had a wonderful day!!
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Oh Meowman....that is so sad about that poor cat being burned!!! I went to the website, and would have signed the petition, but I think you have to be a Tennessee resident to sign it. Anyway....I thought it was horrible what was done to the poor cat. I know why God created hell. To punish people like that for all eternity!!!! (unless of course they repent and are truley sorry for what they have done...but usually those kind of people never are sorry.)

Don't feel bad for swating tiger, I have swatted Merlin on the behind a few times...(not hard) for doing what he KNOWS he isn't supposed to be doing...like attacking and breaking leaves off my plants,or jumping onto the kitchen table. They do need a little bit of decipline I beleive...as long as it is done in a loving way, and not at all hurtful.
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